True Blood’s King of the Villains

January 15, 2011 by  

The Vampire King Reigns Supreme:

True Bloods Russell Edgington RecliningTrue Blood’s own Russell Edgington (played by Denis O’Hare), the Vampire King of Mississippi, was recently voted the reader’s choice best TV villain of 2010 in’s “Best of 2010” poll. He beat out Agent June Stahl (Sons of Anarchy), Alice Morgan (Luther), Anna (V), and Jimmy O’Phelan (Sons of Anarchy). The King of Mississippi overwhelmingly claimed his throne, with 56% of the reader’s votes. And let’s face it – Russell stole every scene he was in. It was almost impossible not to love him – what a spectacular villain he was.

Other Nominations:

Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) and Franklin Mott (James Frain) were nominated in the category of “Most Awkward Couple/Most Sexual Tension”. Shockingly, they placed third out of five possible couples! I’ve never seen a dysfunctional couple like those two before.

True Blood itself placed  third itself, behind Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, for “Best Undead Series”. That’s another category that is hard to believe. Not to knock Vampire Diaries (which I’ve never seen) or Supernatural (which I love), but really? True Blood delivers the real action, romance, and drama every week.

Those were the only other categories True Blood was nominated in.


Image Credit: HBO, Inc.

  • D. Reilly

    Not everyone gets HBO, and it IS ‘adult’ entertainment…

  • lizzie1701

    This really proves that KRE truely is the KING!!

  • Sheila

    I happen to agree, one other important thought is that the kids that watch Vampire Diaries, Can’t really watch TB, at least I won’t let my kids watch the second but I am ok with Diaries. My 12 year old has tried to figure out the access code for TB but I change it almost weekly. Cause some stuff I am just not ready to explain.

  • Marina

    The reason trueblood placed behind vampire diaries isn’t necessarily because it is better loved or better in quality… I’d rather suspect it is due to the fact that this poll wasn’t exactly promoted extensively, and more importantly because vampire diaries is on a channel that reaches a wider audience; it’s on a lower channel that comes with regular cable where as HBO is a premium channel. I think that were HBO available [and by extension, trueblood] to the same amount of people as vampire diaries the results would be another story, however, it isn’t television, it’s HBO.