True Blood’s Lafayette is Lonely No More

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Nelsan Ellis Talks to The TV Junkie at PaleyFest 2011

True Blood's Nelsan Ellis at PaleyFest 2011If you haven’t already heard, this year’s PaleyFest was raucous good fun for the True Blood cast and fans. We got a little delicious sneak peak at season four and we saw a lot of great interviews. The TV Junkie has just released a short video interview with Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), in which Ellis chats about his alter ego’s (sometimes) lonely life. As Alan Ball has said in the past, characters are only allowed to be happy for one episode, which is evident in the rollercoaster of emotions that the characters ride from one episode to the next. When asked about Lafayette’s loneliness, Ellis disagreed that his character appeared to be one of the lonelier habitants of Bon Temps, but then changed his mind:

“…yeah, it sounds like a sad life, like a very sad life…he did go home by himself and service people when they came…but now he has somebody who’s a fixture in his house and he’s certainly not lonely this season. We learn last season that Jesus is a brujo, which is a witch, a wiccan…and he’s my protection.”

While Ellis doesn’t delve deeper into the flourishing relationship between Lafayette and Jesus, he has (coyly) said recently that Lafayette trusts Jesus because he’s under his spell. Does that mean that Jesus has literally put a spell on Lafayette to get him to fall for him? Or, is he figuratively speaking about the spell-like feelings evoked by Jesus’ charm and handsomeness?! What do you think Truebies?

Watch the interview in its entirety below.

Source: The TV Junkie – Nelsan Ellis of ‘True Blood’ at PaleyFest2011

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