True Blood’s Michael McMillan Comic Book Debut

June 19, 2010 by  

Oh, to be multi-talented.

Michael McMillian, known to True Blood fans as Fellowship of the Sun leader Steve Newlin, has joined forces with actor Zachery Quinto (Star Trek, Heroes) to publish their own original comic book series, Lucid, coming in August with art by Anna Wieszczyk.

Quinto has a publishing deal with Archaia comics and his first project will be Lucid, a four-issue comic by McMillian. Lucid explores a world where powerful countries utilize special ops with magical powers. McMillian set his ambitions high.

“What I wanted to do with Lucid… was make a comic book that I would want to read, that I would enjoy, that really captures the heart of the stories I want to read and what I love – everything from H.G. Wells to Indiana Jones to James Bond – and at the same time, see if I could create a bold, new, contemporary world to set it in.”

McMillian originally pitched his idea to Quinto’s production company, Before the Door Pictures. Quinto loved the idea and worked with Archaia to make it happen.

The main focus of the story is Matthew Dee, a descendent of John Dee, who was in reality a magician for Queen Elizabeth I. Matthew Dee serves the American president, a man named Jefferson Monday who was elected after running a hopeful campaign. McMillian further explains:

“I think Lucid, on a personal level, is sort of my reaction to the state of the world right now, and a wish fantasy of longing for heroes that can kind of save us from where we are now.”

While full of fantasy and sci-fi elements, McMillian stresses that this isn’t exactly your typical fantasy world.

“It’s not a world where centaurs and trolls and elves exist… We’re dealing with human people with magical abilities. There are paranormal creatures of sorts, but they’re presented in a somewhat different light, and a somewhat less literal way, than fantasies that have come before.”

Still keeping up on his acting career, McMillian is also working on another book with cartoonist W. David Keith.

And as for the great Reverand Steve Newlin? McMillian can’t give away too much… or can he?

“I can, probably, hint that there might be some Steve Newlin action in season 3 of True Blood this year.”

How exciting.


(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)