True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis on his Sexy Fantasy for Layfayette

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Nelsan Ellis Talks About Layfayette and the Ladies:

Nelsan Ellis stars as Lafayette in HBO's True BloodTruebies love Nelsan Ellis’ Layfayette, the sassy short-order cook/V-dealin’/all around diva of Bon Temps. Previously linked with hunky nurse Jesus Velasquez (Kevin Alejandro), Layfayette has clearly shown a preference for men on the show.  Ellis, however, has a alternative view of Lafayette’s sexuality:

“I think Layfayette is bisexual,” Ellis told “I would love to see Layfayette get a girlfriend! I don’t think producers would be down for it, but wouldn’t it take the audience by storm?! Lipstick on his lips kissing a girl wearing lipstick, and he’s like ‘This is my girl’?! They could be wearing matching bandanas. I think it would be awesome. Anyway, that’s my fantasy!”

The character of Lafayette in Charlaine Harris’ popular Sookie Stackhouse series is gay, but not even speculated to be bisexual.  But of course, Lafayette gets murdered early on in the book series, while the True Blood character has lasted through six seasons of the popular HBO show. So Ellis may get his wish, as the new showrunner Brian Buckner guides the story his way.

“While my character was killed off early on in the books, I’m really grateful to the fans and that’s why I’m still here on the show.”

Ellis explained. No matter who his next love interest turns out to be, fans will still adore the saucy, sexy, Lafayette.

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