True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten enjoying “home”

November 14, 2010 by  

Kwanten spends time in Australia, attends Brisbane festival


True Blood’sresident hottie Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) is enjoying a homecoming. The True Blood hearthrob is back in Australia promoting his new western Red Hill and enjoying a homecoming, even staying at his parents house and sleeping in his “old single bed” while on the Red Hill press junket in Sydney. 

Kwanten got his start as Vinnie in Australia’s Home and Away and Red Hill marks his first Australian project in eight years. Kwanten said working with Red Hill director Patrick Hughes “was about playing a solid character.” Kwanten went on to say that the decision to work on Red Hill was because of the solid script: 

”It was the script, it was Patrick and ultimately it was knowing that I’d be coming back to Australia. It was the cherry on an already tasty cake.” 

As Jason Stackhouse, Kwanten has a strong female fanbase who have been “very rabid” in their attentions. When asked about his experiences with his fans, Kwanten got a little shy, saying, 

”Um . . .what target market is this? Will kids be reading this? Ok, then I can’t say what (happened). No, look, I have some very rabid fans who know more about me than I do and more about the characters than I do. But at the end of the day, my mum has raised me very well and said ‘they’re the ones paying your bills Ryan, so you’ve got to be respectful and give them even just two minutes of your time.” 

Kwanten plays a young police officer in Red Hill who’s first day of duty in a small country town coincides with an escaped criminal returning to seek revenge on those who put him behind bars. Red Hill is just the first of many diverse role Kwanten has taken on over the coming year. Kwanten also plays a superhero in Griff the Invisible and cult-leader Charles Manson in Brad Anderson’s upcoming feature, The Family. 

Not afraid of being typecast, Kwanten says he is not consciously ‘setting out’ to play characters so different from Jason Stackhouse. 

”I want to do what interests me. Nothing could be more uninspiring than playing another character like Jason (Stackhouse). I love playing him for the six months that I do it, but when I’m not shooting it, I don’t want to . . .I know I’ve got more inside of me so why go and just rest on my laurels and do something that’s easy?” 

Red Hill was introduced by Kwanten and director Hughes at the Brisbane International Film Festival and will premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival Sunday, November 14 at 7pm at Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas Australia Fair. For more information, visit 


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