True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten to Be the Voice of Blinky Bill

August 17, 2014 by  

The Blinky Bill Movie Gets Retold:

Ryan Kwanten HBO Promo S4Aussie fans of HBO’s True Blood probably grew up with the Blinky Bill show. It was a cartoon series about a lovable koala set in the Australian outback and was based on a series of books written by New Zealand born Dorothy Wall. In 1992 Blinky Bill made it to be the big screen when Yoham Gross Film Studios turned it into a movie.

Now it seems Blinky Bill will return to the big screen for a second time. It will still be animated and will center on telling the story of Blinky Bill’s search for his missing father. True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten (who starts as Jason Stackhouse in True Blood Season 7) has been cast as the voice of Blinky Bill. The movie will be directed by Deane Taylor (Carnivale, Duck Ugly) and Simon Stone. Additionally, the screenplay will be written by Fin Edquist (House Husbands, McLeod’s Daughters) and Barbara Stephen will produce it.

There is no news yet on when this movie will be released.

For Truebie fans who live outside Australia, here’s a YouTube video of the original opening credits of the Blinky Bill TV series:

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)