True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten’s Newest Movie Impresses at Berlin’s Film Festival

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Griff the Invisible Wows the Young Audience

Griff the InvisibleRyan Kwanten’s latest movie, Griff the Invisible, has met with thunderous applause. It was viewed last Friday as part of the youth section, Generation 14-plus, at the Berlin International Film Festival. The audience of over a thousand youngsters was impressed with what they saw.

Griff the Invisible is another Australian movie for Ryan, but it is certainly one for the younger audience, unlike his last movie, Red Hill not to mention his regular role on HBO’s True Blood. This story, by Leon Ford, revolves around a shy man (Ryan Kwanten) and his secret life as a superhero.

After the movie aired, Ford, Kwanten, actress Maeve Dermody and producer Nicole O’Donohue took to the stage to answer questions about the movie. Ryan had this to say:

It was like therapy for me to read the story and get over my little socio-phobias, so it was nice to know it can affect everyone. If it can affect even half of you as it affected me, then we’ve made something really special.

Whereas, Ford described how the movie came about after witnessing a small boy running around a cafe in a Batman suit:

I thought, ‘I’d like to do that’, but if I did I’d be locked up and lose all my friends. But if I can’t do that, what’s wrong with us?

Be sure to check out Ryan’s latest movie, regardless of your age. It is due to hit Australian cinemas March 17, 2011. Its US release has yet to be determined.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald – Australian hero story touches Europe’s youth

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