True Blood’s Sam Trammell Becoming a Dad of Twins

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Double Trouble for Sam Trammell:

Sam Trammell as Sam MerlotteSam Trammell, the actor who plays bar owner Sam Merlotte on HBO‘s True Blood, and his girlfriend of 8 years Missy Yager are expecting twins.  The couple met in New York while doing theater.  Yager has been on shows such as Mad Men and Boston Public.  These will be the first children for both actors.  After receiving many tweets (including one from myself), Trammell responded:

“Thanks for your well wishes! It’s true; I’m going to be a daddy. Missy is pregnant with twins!”


 E! News Played a Guessing Game with True Blood Fans Asking the Question, “Which True Blood Hottie Is Gonna Be a Dad—to Twins?!”

E! Online showed a picture of Joe Manganiello, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, and Stephen Moyer and asked the readers who they thought the father to be is, and went on in the article to state that it was in fact Sam Trammell.  TrueBloodNet would like to congratulate the couple on becoming first time parents.  Let us know what you think of the good news by commenting in the comment section below.

Sources: – True Blood’s Sam Trammell ‘thrilled’ as he reveals girlfriend Missy Yager is pregnant with twins – @SamTrammell

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  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Sam & Missy! Best Wishes to Both of them! I’m Happy for Sam, He seems to be aq good guy! First Stephen and Anna marry,Then Joe M. gets engaged Now Sam is to be a Daddy! I guess this leaves ASkars the Bachelor Viking Vamp of the group!
    I wish Sam & Missy Every happiness!

  • Sam was my favourite at the beginning, then I switched and became a lover of the dead lol. Congratulations to Sam and Missy, lets us hope for a safe delivery.

    • Anonymous

      His Missy, When I First started watching Sam was MY favorite,Too! Theres just something So likable about Sam. I,too like the vamps..Bill,Eric,Pam,Jessica
      Sam seems to be Very likable,friendly and funny! I like the way he treats his fans! He appreciates Every moment! God Bless Him!

  • Jaxx

    How exciting for Sam and Missy. I wish them the very best.