True Blood’s Season 4 Finale Shocks Viewers

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True Blood Finale Bloody Good or Just Bloody?

Sookie Cradles a Dying Tara in Her Arms HBO is famous for having some of the most extreme and riskiest shows on television. And what is True Blood most famous for? Being extremely bloody, that’s what. This season finale is no different. How did the finale end? In a bloody mess of course!

Many Truebies, including myself, aren’t happy with the weak way Marnie was dispatched. She stabbed and killed Jesus in order to acquire his brujo magic and then chained a shirtless Bill and Eric to burn at the stake when her reign of terror came to an end thanks to a number of Bon Temps ghosts led by Adele Stackhouse (Sookie’s Gran) and Antonia. Both joined together to convince Marnie to release her rage so she could rest in peace. I don’t know about you Truebies, but that seemed too easy to me.

Mark Roush, writer for TV Guide, said:

“With the Marnie dilemma ponderously resolved, and Gran’s Hallmark advice to Sookie (“Being alone… ain’t nothin’ to be afraid of”) interrupted by Eric’s droll “Excuse me, we’re feeling a little crispy up here,” there’s still half an episode to go. And does it ever pile it on.”

Sookie cuts both Bill and Eric out of her life making fans wonder if a certain were-tiger named Quinn will make an appearance next season.

What else happened on Sunday’s finale? Well, Steve Newlin appeared at Jason’s door bearing a nice set of shiny white fangs. Alcide discovered an empty hole in the cement garage where Russell Edgington was supposed to be entombed. While Sam was confronted by a snarling wolf, the ghost of Rene spooked Arlene by warning her that Terry’s new war buddy is up to no good. Nan Flanagan was staked by Bill just before Sookie was attacked by Debbie Pelt. Just when you think Debbie is going to shoot Sookie, Tara dives in front of her and is shot in the head. Sookie blows Debbie away and we are left with Sookie screaming for help as she cradles Tara’s lifeless body in her arms.

Is Tara dead? I guess we can’t believe anyone is dead, knowing True Blood’s infamous resurrections, until they are at least six feet under. Even then, considering the Russell Edgington situation, that’s barely a guarantee on True Blood.

Source Credit: TV Guide– Finale Review: HBO’s Sunday Night

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  • Jaxx

    Well TB never seems to disappoint, does it.  I liked the ending.  It was fast paced and kept the story going.  I love that Russell is coming back and I think Pam’s the one who set him free as revenge asgainst Eric and hoping he will drain Sookie dry.  Will Pam form an alliance with Russell now that she is a woman scorned by Eric???  Loved the reappearance of Steve Newlin as well.  I think it was a Halloween prank.  I can’t believe he’s turned into a vampire. 

    Tara is coming back in some capacity.  Maybe not human anymore, but what???  I couldn’t stand Marnie at the end, another Maryann, to me.  Good riddance.  Hope she never comes back either, but with Lafayette being a medium now, that opens the door for anyone who has been killed to come back at any time.  So who knows.  Hopefully we see Gran again.  That was a very touching scene.  Rene’ coming back was equally as good.  I hope he pops in from time to time to help Arlene and Mikey.

    Quinn should make an appearance next season and we also have Alcide now in the mix.  Should be an interesting 5th season because you know Bill and Eric aren’t going to give up anytime soon either.

    I have to admit, I didn’t like the scene between Bill/Eric/Sookie.  Matching bathrobes, yuck.  Both Bill and Eric pining for Sookie’s love, almost seemed begging on both parts to me.  So out of character for either vamp, especially Eric’s.   Amnesia Eric was fun for a while, but please give us our bad as* viking warrior back.  I miss him.

    Hope Sam stays with Luna. 

    What ever happened to the Hot Shot people?  Are we going to see them again.  Did any of the girls get preganant with Jason’s babies??  How is this going to impact Jess/Jason romance?  And, what about the fairies?  Only one appearance with Andy at the end.  Hopefully we get more involved in Season 5.  Will Niall make an appearance??

    Lots to think about for the next 9 months.

  • Jennifer Evangelista

    Ugh… please no Quinn.