True Blood’s Season 6 Hot New Hunk Reveals All

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Ben Tells Why He is “The One” for Sookie:

Rob Kazinsky stars as Ben Flynn in HBO's True Blood Season 6

The lines were drawn long ago for team Bill (Stephen Moyer), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) or Alcide (Joe Manganiello). Now, just to shake things up in Season 6 we have the faerie newcomer Ben Flynn (Rob Kazinsky)who poses a mighty risk to Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) equilibrium – could he really be ‘the one’?

In a recent TV Guide interview Rob Kazinsky states why he believes it’s so:

“Ben is the first character that she has ever been romantically involved with that wants, genuinely, the best for her. He is the first real chance that she has for a fulfilled, happy life with somebody like her. She doesn’t have to die. She can have children with him. He’s as normal as she is. To her, he’s normal. For the fact that she might have a chance at true happiness with somebody, that’s why they should root for him.”

Rob is also quite happy about the way Ben has been introduced, the ‘oh no not again?’ scene with Sookie walking along the same road she walked when she first met Bill all those seasons ago. Rob speaks about how he was introduced:

“It’s played very tongue-in-cheek. The audience is going to feel like she knows exactly what’s happening. She’s certainly cautious.”

Rob also believes Sookie and Ben are soul mates:

“They’re kindred spirits who have been the target of vampire threats their whole lives. And, for the first time, Sookie is able to see someone besides her that is in real need of help…. this brings out a side of Sookie viewers haven’t seen yet. It’s the first character that Sookie has met that is traveling in her wake, rather than her traveling in their wake. She’s not a victim this time.”

Ben is a character that has to still be fleshed out over the coming episodes but as he said:

“He’s had a history of betrayal and misuse like Sookie, and that’s going to come out.”

Can’t wait to see more of him! What do y’all think so far?

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