True Blood’s Sookie vs Twilight’s Bella

July 4, 2009 by  

b-and-sWith the help of Trendrr we’ll be following various match ups between True Blood and Twilight and between characters within True Blood.  These will be organic, evolving graphs which will continue to track the internet ‘buzz’ concerning the various match ups.

This week let’s look at the twitterverse of Bella vs. Sookie.   As you can see, Sookie was generally leading with a peak during Anna Paquin‘s live fan interview followed by a significant ‘tweeting’ about Bella when Kristen Stewart and Joan Jette had a run in.

Source: Trendrr

(Photo credit: Livejournal)

  • Ninna

    I think Bella is a little stupid… I’ve read twilight books, but I really think Sookie have more personality, you know? She is interesting, and sexy, and knows where she wants to be; Bella is kind, smart, a little nerd… but she NEEDS Edward to be next to her, or she couldn’t live… I think she needs a wake up call…

  • Rebecca

    Sookie stands on her own two feet. She knows her mind and follows it. Bella is lost without Edward to help her.

    • shannon_momma

      I agree with you. Sookie stands up on her own, though she occasionally needs a bailout from bill. She is independendant, capable, and at times stubborn. Sookie is happy in her own skin, being nothing more than Sookie Stackhouse, waitress and human telepath. Bella seems to need much more support from her man and is not happy in her own skin.