True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Helps Facing the Atlantic

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Maiden Voyage for the Charity will Set Sail in December

Maiden voyage of Facing the Atlantic is scheduled for December 2011Like many of his cast-mates, True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) spends a lot of time off-camera supporting charities to help make a difference.  Facing the World (FTW) is a UK-based charity founded in 2002 that offers facial surgery to children with disfigurements, and it has become very close to Moyer’s heart over the past couple of years. Moyer’s mission as of late is asking his fans and supporters to help spread the word about the daring project, Facing the Atlantic (FTA), that is aiming to raise over $400,000 to support the humanitarian organization.

A Race of Epic Proportions

Facing the World was co-founded in 2008 by Martin Kelly, the late husband of actress Natascha McElhone (‘Californication‘), whom Moyer met and became friends with while attending the London Academy for Music and the Dramatic Arts. The impact that Kelly left behind on his friends and loved ones is what forged Facing the Atlantic, a nautical race across the Atlantic. Actor Bert Portal and personal trainer James Cash make up the FTA team who will race in a two-man row boat from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to English Harbour in Antigua, the West Indies.

Portal was a close friend of Kelly’s, as well as a personal friend of Moyer – he was the best man at Moyer and Anna Paquin‘s (Sookie Stackhouse) wedding last summer. Portal made a promise to Kelly and Facing the Atlantic is the mission he will undertake to fulfill his promise.

The race is scheduled to begin on December 4, 2011 and will possibly take more than 60 days to finish. The twosome will cover a distance of 2,500 nautical miles, the same distance from London to Dubai, and will operate a shift system of 2 hours on, 2 hours off, 24 hours a day in a continuous cycle. Portal is more than ready:

“This charity is close to my heart and 60 days of heightened physical and indeed mental danger is nothing compared to what these children go through.”

As more details are released about the charity and the maiden voyage of Facing the Atlantic, we’ll be sure to keep all you Truebies up-to-date on how you can help. You can make a direct donation by credit card or PayPal to FTA here.

Source: Examiner – Stephen Moyer aids Facing the Atlantic

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