True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Talks Bill’s Past

June 6, 2010 by  

HBO is determined to make every last second of the wait for True Blood to return to be even harder on the fans than it’s been previously! Stephen Moyer, the one and only Bill Compton, talked to and discussed Bill and his past, as well as the flashbacks we’ll most likely be seeing throughout season 3 of True Blood.

Stephen told zap2it that he loves the flashbacks because:

“…as an actor playing these characters don’t get a chance to really understand who your character is, because the writers are able to invent things from your past that you didn’t know about. So, it just keeps adding color to your characterization as you go.”

He also said that in the flashbacks, we’ll learn why Bill is so tortured in some ways, as well as an explanation of Bill and Lorena‘s relationship.

To read a few more light spoilers, and to see more of what Stephen had to say, check out


(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)