True Blood’s Take on Vampires

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vampybillWith Season 2 of Alan Ball’s Golden Globe nonimated HBO TV series “True Blood” now in production and the recent release of Underworld : Rise of the Lycans in theatres now is probably a good time to recap the mythology of vampires according to the world of Alan Ball’s “True Blood”. Some of the myths regarding vampires in “True Blood have changed from what is common lore.

What are vampires really? Are they dead or alive? What makes them tick? Well according to Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) a vampire’s body mechanism is different from humans. Even though vampires have no brain waves, no heartbeat, no need to breathe and no electrical impulses how they function is simple described by Bill as “Magic. As he further explains that even with humans it is magic how the body is able to perform the way it does and that the way vampire’ bodies function is just different.

Vampires seem to be immune to most things in “True Blood” except for one type of blood borne disease called “Hep D.” It does not kill them but makes them weak enough to make them vulnerable to attacks and being staked to death. Therefore they try to make sure such information does not get leaked out to the human population otherwise it would be used against them.

The vampires of “True Blood” no longer need to hunt humans to drink their blood in order to survive. Japanese scientists have made a breakthrough discovery by developing synthetic blood which is sold as a beverage. Now the vampires are able to “come-out-of-the-coffin” and intermingle with humans and live as equals in society. However, some still prefer the taste of the real-thing.

One of the interesting points that exists in the “True Blood” world is that vampire blood has various narcotic effects upon humans such as increased libido, heightened senses and hallucinations. Just like any type of hard drug it is highly addictive and the humans suffer severe withdrawal symptoms. Some humans hunt vampires in order to drain them and sell their blood in the underground drug market trade for very high prices.

Some vampires tend to live together in a cluster or “nest ” where they live their “undead” existence as vicious, cruel, lawless creatures of the night. Some humans willingly submit themselves to be food sources to these vampires, but many times vampires will use “glamour” techniques to hypnotize a person to allow themselves to be bitten. In addition vampires can lay claim to humans as a way to mark their territory that they are the only one who can feed off that particular human.

The hierarchical structure of the vampire society is quite rigid and reminiscent of feudal times with older vampires having higher rank then younger vampires. In the world of “True Blood” younger vampires pledge their servitude and receive protection from a high ranking vampire in charge of an area which is similar to peasants showing loyalty to a local chiefdom in feudal times.

Some of the other myths remain such as silver being being harmful to them, being staked through the heart will kill them and they will die in sunlight. Other myths such as not seeing their reflection in the mirror and garlic, holy water and the cross being a source of fear to them are dispelled in “True Blood”. In season 2 will may discover more about the vampire world that we still do not know about and make us ponder what else is out there.

SOURCE: True Blood Reveals Rules of Its Vampire Universe

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