True Bloods Truth About Rutger Hauer

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Is He Only the Fairy King, Or Perhaps Something More Sinister?


Rutger Hauer stars as Niall Brigant in HBO's True Blood Season 6

For those, like me, who have read the Charlaine Harris books you might have been waiting for Niall Brigant to appear; and who better than renowned bad guy Rutger Hauer to be posted into the role. True Blood’s casting director was a genius in Season 6 and it has left us all wondering, is he JUST Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) fairy grandfather; or more?

Ever since his casting, rumours have been flying that he is ALSO Macklyn Warlow the powerful vampire who murdered Sookie’s parents and is now tracking her to get what he is ‘owed’. Unfortunately, Hauer, when interviewed by refused to confirm – or deny – the rumours.

That’s how it started, and at that point they said it was a misunderstanding. It was a misunderstanding that was created — but OK, who am I to say? Because I didn’t know what I was doing. I signed on blind.

What we DO know so far is that he has some big news for Sookie, who is the first Fae-baring Stackhouse that the ancient contract talks about, and without Niall, she and her kind are in great danger.

Niall is showing up because the last of the fairies are in the wrong corner. And Sookie needs to know something that I can tell her. I can show her something that she doesn’t know, and it will help her in the end. It will save her if she loses her life. But then there’s all kinds of spins happening after that, that kind of make that go away a little bit.

Warlow has made a few poignant appearances in Episodes 1 and 2, apparently with more impact yet to come with Hauer promising:

[Expect] big things in Episode 4

Rob Kazinsky, who plays Fairy Ben, a new love interest for Sookie, talks about how he savoured every onscreen moment with Hauer and apparently the feeling was mutual.

Rutger was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m a huge fan. The tears in rain scene (which Hauer famously improvised) in ‘Blade Runner’ is my favourite scene in pretty much any movie ever. He’s an incredible actor. … We had so much fun.

So how evil is Hauer’s on screen persona? Knowing he has played some legendary villains in the past. This is what Rutger had to say:

I have no idea …I play a character — I think he’s pretty nice, you know. He’s grumpy, but he’s nice. I think he’s got a dangerous side that makes him who he is. They wrote it that way a little bit and they cast me, it’s pretty clear that I’m going to go there a little bit.

I guess, the only thing we can do is hold on and go along for the ride. What do y’all think? Is he more than he makes out?

Source: Entertainment – Rutger Hauer Spills on ‘True Blood’s’ New Big Bad

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  • loretta412

    is it me or isn’t anyone upset that the writers keep throwing sookie in 1 relationship after another she tells bill she loves him she tells eric she loves him now this new one and they need to stop killing people off is that their great plan kill everyone off until they are all gone then cancle the show by then sookie will have slept with everone

  • victoria_calvanico

    Did anyone else picture Niall as someone more…I dunno….distinguished? I know the names I will throw out here would never be viable choices, and I can’t exactly say that Rutger isn’t the right choice, but it just isn’t the way I picture Niall I guess.
    Some “better” dream casting would be:
    Jason Isaacs (similar to how he appeared in Harry Potter as Lucius Malfoy, just not mean lol)
    DAVID FRIGGIN BOWIE PEOPLE! He already played a fairy prince in labyrinth! haha
    Sean Connery
    *sigh* Those are just my perfect Nialls. I know the books and the show are NOT the same entity anymore nor were they really ever…but that is just who I pictured when I read.

    • You know, I never really saw Niall as David Bowie, but since his name has been bought up so much in relation to Rutger Hauer’s casting, you know, I think he may have worked as well 😀

    • KL Joy

      Thanks for your ideas @victoria_calvanico. I always saw Niall while reading the books as somewhat of a Dumbledor type… But because of the percied ‘duo’ storyline, I think Rutger is perfect! 🙂