The True Story on Fake Blood

July 21, 2010 by  

Perhaps ‘fake’ is too negative a word for what Dr. Cooper and his colleagues are creating . Life saving artificial human blood is closer to the mark. And now, the face behind the research on simulated blood is revealed, and he doesn’t look vampiric or evil at all. In fact, he seems like a pretty nice guy.

In email conversation with Dr. Cooper he told us,

“In True Blood vampires are able to co-exist with humans as they can consume artificial blood in the form of the Tru Blood drink. In our own world scientists have spent billions of pounds/dollars trying to make a similar artificial blood substitute. In this case the aim is to replace blood used in blood transfusions rather than to feed vampires of course!”

On his site Professor Chris Cooper – an expert in blood substitutes at the University of Essex (UK) –  explains why he is trying to do this and what success he is having compared to what goes on in True Blood. As a parting shot we just had to ask him, “How does it taste?” to which Dr. Cooper, probably quite properly, had no response.

We’d like to thank Dr. Cooper for his co operation with our silliness. To read more and keep up on the latest simulated blood news click on the link below.

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(Photo credit: East Anglian Daily Times)