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Kristin Bauer van Straten True Blood Pam

Continuing our deliciously long conversation with “Pam” from True Blood, Kristin Bauer, in this half of the two part article. If you missed part 1 click here. And don’t forget to support the end of whale slaughter in our lifetime! There’s a link at the bottom of the article to CD’s that Kristin and Abri will be selling to help support the anti-whaling efforts!

TBN: Do you have any other charities that you support?

KB: There are so many great ones but I often work with the Amanda Foundation and IFAW. I have a personal relationship with these people. I would like to support many charities but there are only so many hours in the day.

TBN: Do you ever read the “True Blood” fan sites about Pam or yourself?

KB: A little bit because I’ve heard stories from other actors over the years of seeing bad stuff being written about them on the Internet. So I peek at the Internet cautiously. But now that I’m twittering and on Facebook, those are really sweet fans and your site is so great. Abri, my husband, will show me stuff and it’s also where I go to find out what’s happening. ::Laughs:: “Wow, we’ve been renewed and there’s gonna be werewolves?” I got invited by IFAW to go to D.C. for Earth Day and I come home and Abri asks me, “Have you been working on your speech?” And I said “What speech?” and he said “you’re speaking in D.C.” So, Thank God for the fan sites because I wrote my speech just in time.

TBN: The fans love that you actually tweet back.

KB: Oh, Good.

TBN: Some have said that it’s so sweet that when they tweet something to you that you actually tweet something back. They really appreciate that.

Kristin Bauer van Straten True Blood Pam with husband Aubry van Straten

TBN: Have you attended any of the fan conventions? And what kind of experience was that?

KB: I did one. I did the “Chiller” convention in April in New York and the next one I’ll be doing is Comic-Con in San Diego in July.

TBN: And did you do Comic-Con previously?

KB: No, this will be my first year.

TBN: Good luck, you’re in for a treat …

KB: The Chiller convention was probably a good introduction because it was busy but it wasn’t completely overwhelming. I slept for a couple of days after because, while it was really interesting and the fans were very sweet, you do have to be on the whole time. At the end of those eight hours, I was a Zombie and at the end of those three days I was just shot.

TBN: Actually Comic-Con in some ways is better because it’s not focused on “True Blood.” But when you’re on if it’s for the panel or for the autograph signing, it can be intense.

KB: And then I’m doing Dragon-Con and I heard that’s crazy.

TBN: It’s Insane! It’s like the biggest, oldest convention ever.

KB: They say it’s in four hotels?

TBN: Yes, it’s in all of downtown Atlanta.

KB: Oh My God.

TBN: I’ve been to a lot of Sci-Fi Conventions but Dragon-Con is huge. It’s not comics as much as Comic-Con is. Dragon-Con gets a ton of writers. And it seems like the Comic-Con in San Diego is very much about the industry as well.

KB: We’re going to be there for three days and I think it will be good to be together with everybody, and HBO will be taking care of everything. I’m not on my own.

TBN: Oh, so one of their sections is going to be “True Blood?”

TBN: I believe Sam is going to be there?

KB: Oh actually that was Comic-Con I was talking about but Dragon, yes, I believe Sam and Nelsan are doing it I heard. This is the kind of thing I find out from you guys. Let me know who’s going to be there!

TBN: Sam is my favorite male walking around the face of the earth to admire – he’s just great. And Nelsan, he keeps saying he’s boring and I keep yelling at him, “You are not!”

KB: He’s out of his mind. The last thing Nelsan is is boring.

TBN: Exactly. He’s not Lafayette, obviously, but he’s so amusing on his own level, he’s very articulate and he’s got this intensity thing going …

KB: Yes! He writes and he also aims to direct. He’s had a very interesting life and he’s got a son. He’s not boring.

TBN: And he loves dishing dirt and the audience just loves that!

What is your favorite scene that Pam has been in? And you can say it’s this season but you can’t give out details ::laughs::

Kristin Bauer van Straten True Blood Pam with husband Abri van Straten and dogs

KB: Kind of every scene when I’m filming it is my favorite. Every single time and that’s what I’m feeling right now. The stuff that we filmed this week was the most challenging, nerve wracking fun thing that I’ve ever done with Pam and I’m really hoping that it comes out great.

TBN: Oh I’m sure it will. I don’t think the fans will be disappointed at all.
I’m so glad to hear that she (Pam) is in so much more this year.

KB: Yeah, it was really intense!

TBN: So now we have a couple of silly questions that we try to ask everyone.

TBN: Has “True Blood” changed how you feel about good and evil?

KB: That’s interesting. It probably has contributed to my feelings on that because actually my feelings have changed, for a variety of reasons I suspect, also due to what I am reading, because I’ve been noticing that its very easy, from the outside, to just paint something good or evil but actually, most of life lives in a gray area. Also from the perspective of the other guy or from myself it looks different. Perception is huge. So I have been feeling less black and white and more inclined to aim for understanding and less labeling. That has been changing.

TBN: What do you think your character Pam’s tombstone says?

KB: Ah, that’s a very good question. It would probably just say Pam and nothing else … I’ll think about it, but my immediate impression is that it would say, “Just Pam.”

TBN: And a picture of a high pump.

KB: Exactly.::laughs::

TBN: Is there a question that you would like to ask the fans?

KB: Who would you like me to draw from the True Blood cast, if I did a sketch to auction for charity, what and who would you like to see?

TBN: Do you have any other projects that you plan on working on after the season is finished?

KB: I actually booked some travel and it’s Murphy’s Law that when you book a trip, you get offered something great. I really, really want go on this trip to Africa so I’m trying very hard to not focus on work at least until the fall. Then we’re back on “True Blood” by Christmas. But I also want to write, paint and travel this year if I can pull it off.

TBN: Have you found yourself being easily recognized on the streets yet?

KB: No and that has been something that has been a little bit nice for me my entire life. I’m a bit of a chameleon, I do different jobs and different parts and different shows, and people don’t often connect those parts to one actress or recognize me when I’m walking around in the world. The one thing that gives me away is my voice I’ve heard. But even ex-boyfriends have walked right by.

TBN: That’s funny. The one thing that I’ve noticed in this interview is you don’t sound like Pam at all.

Kristin Bauer van Straten True Blood Pam with husband Aubry van Straten and dogs

KB: You know, that’s true, Pam is a different register. She has, for some reason, just the way the writing is – I end up in this Southern deep drawl voice. And sometimes it does happen that I get recognized and usually I realize oh my God I have no-make up on, I haven’t showered, I’m wearing what I’ve been wearing for three days painting. One lady told me, “You look just like the girl who plays Pam.”

TBN: And did you go, “Really?”

KB: ::laughs:: No, I thought for a second and then I said, “There is a good reason for that.”

TBN: That must have been great for her.

KB: I thought about staying anonymous but she was so sweet.

TBN: I always love to hear that there are good fan interactions.

We want to thank Kristin for all the time she spent speaking to us. I think you’ll all agree that this season Pam has been doubly wonderful and it’s no wonder they’ve expanded the role. Her incredible dry wit and understated dangerousness, perfectly delivered by Kristin, is a much needed break to all the tension that True Blood wallows in weekly. We here at are thrilled that Kristin has become a regular member of the cast and look forward to learning much more about Pam as the season progresses! We also want to thank HBO for providing us with the opportunity to interview Kristin Bauer (as well as for airing our favorite show, True Blood!).

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