Named One Of The BEST True Blood Sites!

August 9, 2009 by  

truebloodnetWe here at are deeply honored to be named by Daemon’s TV one of the BEST True Blood websites on the internet!

As Daemon’s TV mentions in their post, they are huge True Blood fans and each week feature True Blood Reviews that always attract some really great discussions.  Below we would like to present an excerpt of Daemon’s TV‘s post:

As a service to our readers and our numerous visitors, we have decided to scour the interweb to find the truly best True Blood websites out there, so that you can check out all of the things that fans are saying out there about what we consider to be one of the best of TV shows EVER.

True Blood
is a top notch fan site with boatloads of content and also a nice organization of the site. I suggest you check their editorial section for pretty insightful commentary.

SOURCE: Daemon’s TV
(Photo credit: Daemon’s TV)