Named One Of The Top 5 True Blood Twitters To Follow

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twitter-logoWe here at are proud to be listed as one of the Top 5 True Blood Twitters to follow.  Below lluminati from present the Top 5 Blood Type’s suggestions on who to follow to stay up with on all the True Blood goodness.

@truebloodnet– A fan media site and your online source for the latest news, interviews, photos and info. on the HBO TV Series True Blood. Not affiliated with HBO

@trueblooddallas– Best True Blood and Sookie blog around. According to their bio. Well let’s just see about that.

@anna_paquin or @paquinanna– Are either really the True Blood star? Probably not. But it’s fun to pretend.

@phillyburbs– Well obviously, I mean where else would you go for True Blood news, gossip and everything else you could ever need in life?

You can also become a Twitter Vampire. Undeadly cool.


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  • Kasandra

    We are not affiliated with HBO. HBO sends out press releases every few weeks to the top fan-run True Blood websites but we became one of the top fansites first (thanks to our great contributors and readers!) without HBO’s help. Yes, they help us arrange interviews, just like they help other True Blood Fan websites and other online media. That doesn’t make us affiliated with HBO any more than TheFutonCritic or are. They don’t tell us what to do, we have to work to get our articles the same as anyone else, and we have staff that put over 40 hours a week each into running the website with no compensation, when we started we were putting in 60 hours or more a week each to get it up and running. All that makes us very proudly fan-run.

    Regarding the tour, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to take a tour of the set (Thanks again HBO!) but we weren’t the only fan-run site to get a tour, there were two other fan-run websites that were on the tour with us. Neither of them are affiliated with HBO either.

    We noticed that you have previously contacted us attempting to become part of our staff. Clearly, you are angry that we took a pass on your offer. That’s unfortunate but, although we thought it important to clarify again that we are indeed fan run and not affiliated with HBO, we will not be having a public debate with you. We hope you enjoy the site.

    Kasandra Rose

    • Cyn

      @Kasandra Rose
      I appreciate your honesty in clarifying your relationship with HBO.
      If we can, I prefer to agree to disagree about what “affiliation” means. I will not mention it again. Promise.

      I’m not mad at all about my volunteer offer to help you clean up some typos around the site. I don’t believe I got a reply then, but as long as fans we stay focused on supporting the show (in whatever way feels right), ultimately, that is what matters most, no?

      Believe me, I understand and appreciate the long hours you put in on your site. It’s done out of love for True Blood and it shows.
      As it happens I manage 5 websites alone, probably putting in 70-80 hrs. each week.

      I’ll be 100% honest with you. I would love to be a number one fansite but I cannot control how others respond to me, only keep focusing on my writing (which covers everything from science fiction and fantasty to travel).

      I thank you for the wealth of material that you make available to True Blood fans. It feeds our addiction, if you will. 😉

      I wish you and True Blood (and all those involved with it) many years of continued success.


  • Cyn

    Congrats but it would be really nice if you stopped saying you are “not affiliated with HBO,” when in fact you are.

    You yourselves posted the LA Times article by Jessica Gelt in which it was written that HBO “helps secure interviews for (you),” even taking one of the webmasters “on a guided tour of the show’s set.”

    OTOH, it was pretty obvious to the rest of us who actually have to work to get True Blood news that you had an inside source.

    I think it is deceptive and somewhat hypocritical that you don’t make your affiliation with HBO crystal clear.

    Finally, if you are going to act like real webmasters when you cite a source you should be linking to it–not just stating it’s name.

    And yes, I admit I’m not happy that your HBO-supported site is getting name-checked as a fan site because there’s very little original material on it–meaning stuff that HBO hasn’t given you.