Ticket Winner Reports on Anna Camp’s Play, “All New People”!

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Contest Winner Enjoys “All New People”:

Anna Camp, True Blood’s Sarah Newlin with Rina recently had a contest for tickets to Anna Camp‘s new play, All New People. Thanks to 2econd Stage Theatre for providing the tickets. The play is only running for one more week! If you want to go see All New People check our article HERE for how to save $15-$30 per ticket!
Anna Camp is the talented actress who played the beautiful vixen Sarah Newlin, wife of The Fellowship of the Sun‘s leader Steve Newlin.  Our ticket winner Rina sent us this lovely thanks and review of the show. That’s her in the photos with Anna and the play lead, Justin Bartha.


 Thank you again for the ticket to All New People! I went last night and really enjoyed the show. The show is a dark comedy which brings together a motley crew of characters. It opens with an attempted suicide by the main character played by Justin Bartha, and then quickly transitions into a situation comedy with clever one liners by the arrival of characters played by the chatty Krystin Ritter, cocky and witty David Wilson Barnes, and ditzy and upbeat Anna Camp. As the play deepens, we learn the backstory for each character. By the end of the play we learn that the moral of the story is that we all need friends to get us through life’s hard times. I really enjoyed Anna Camp’s performance. I thought she played the part of a “sexy ditz” so well and it really made me miss her performance on True Blood. I got to meet her after the show and asked her if the Newlins would be returning any time soon. She coyly answered that “there is talk of it.”

You’re very welcome Rina. It sounds like a great play, and looks like everyone had a wonderful time! is happy to be able to pass on these kinds of prizes and savings to our loyal readers. Thanks again to 2econd Stage Theatre, Justin Bartha and Anna Camp for making the event memorable.

Justin Bartha with Rina

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