True Blood’s Sheriff Dearborne Stars in ‘Bar Karma’

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William Sanderson Portrays ‘Grizzled Bartender’:

William Sanderson, Sheriff Bud Dearborne on True Blood stars in 'Bar Karma' Photo: Creation StudiosVeteran actor William Sanderson, who most of  us know as True Blood‘s Sheriff Bud Dearborne, has a long and storied career in crafting unforgettable supporting characters.

Now Sanderson is poised to slip into another memorable persona, starring in the new television series with a novel twist, ‘Bar Karma.’

In the series, which debuts in 2011, Sanderson’s grizzled bartender ‘James‘ is described as…’pouring drinks at Bar Karma for as long as he can remember… a man who’s over 20,000 years old (who has) died more than 500 deaths, each time coming back with hazy memories of his past lives and the wrongs he still needs to right.’

Utilizing video game icon Will Wright‘s (The Sims) StoryMaker Engine and film and television hit-maker Albie Hecht‘s (Spike TV, Nickelodeon Entertainment) storytelling skills, the audience develops the stories and characters that they wish to take part in the series. ‘Bar Karma’ is being touted by the creators as ‘real television made by real people’ and from it’s fascinating description it does sound as if it is exactly that.

Here’s how the process plays out:

Q: What is “Bar Karma”?

A: “Bar Karma” is the first production to emerge from Creation Studios. It’s a weekly half-hour show set to premiere in early 2011 on Current TV. It stars William Sanderson, Matthew Humphreys, and Cassie Howarth.

Q: What’s “Bar Karma” about?

A: Bar Karma is a mystical watering hole displaced from time and space, which pops into its patrons’ lives when they need more than a stiff drink. Every happy hour, the Bar Karma staff guides one lost soul through a crossroads in his or her life, using eerie glimpses into the past, present, and many possible futures. Some think this is destiny, while others believe free will brought them to the bar. But none of them will pass through the Bar Karma doors without being changed forever.

Sanderson’s Career: Three Decades and Counting:

Long-time fans remember and revere Sanderson as the toymaker in the legendary film, ‘Blade Runner,’ for his memorable stint in yet another HBO series, ‘Deadwood,’ as well as a recurring turn as one of three brothers (Sanderson had the speaking role of ‘Larry’) on the long-running TV series, ‘Newhart’. His other credits include “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “Lonesome Dove,” “The Client,” “The X-Files,” and “LOST.”

How great is it that the immensely talented and versatile William Sanderson, who True Blood fans know and love as Sheriff Bud Dearborne, is starring in this project?

Needless to say, everyone here at is rooting for William and for ‘Bar Karma’ to be a smash hit.

How about you? Will you be tuning in to this unusual new program?

Source: Creation Studios – ‘Bar Karma’ Cast’, ‘About The Project’

(Photo Credit: Creation Studios)