Another TV Adaption for Charlaine Harris

October 15, 2010 by  

Charlaine Harris May Have Another TV Show Based on Her Books Soon

After seeing the success True Blood has garnered for HBO, CBS is now in talks of adapting another one of Charlaine Harris’ book series. Though she is now famous for creating the Sookie Stackhouse series that was the inspiration for Alan Ball’s HBO series, fans also know Charlaine is a prolific writer with many different creative worlds.

CBS would like to create a show based on the Harper Connelly mystery novels. Though still early in its discussions for TV adaptation, it seems that Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Naren Shankar, David Zucker, and writer Kam Miller are all on board on this project and will serve as executive producers.

Gravesight, which is the first novel in the series, follows Harper Connelly who can sense the last location and memories of the deceased. Her abilites became apparent after she was struck by lightening as a teen. In the first novel, Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver Lang go to a small town in search for a missing girl only to find lies and murder.

Fans of Charlaine’s books know how talented she is, and if another television show can be sparked from her creativity then it seems fans will have another thing to celebrate…as long as it’s not on Sundays at 9.

Source: — CBS Will Adapt Another Mystery Series from ‘True Blood’s’ Author

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