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nelsan-ellisHollywood 411 posted a video Interview with True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis who portrays the character of Lafayette Reynolds.  As we all know Nelsan’s character Lafayette dies in Charlaine Harris’s book “Dead Until Dark”.  “Dead Until Dark” is the first in a series of books which features Sookie Stackhouse, a recurring character from some of her other novels, and is Alan Ball’s basis for HBO’s True Blood.  As many of you did, I also kept my fingers crossed after the season 1 finale that Alan Ball would keep the character of Lafayette alive.  I even signed an online petition.  I don’t believe that is what actually helped, what saved Lafayette was Nelsan Ellis’s incredible acting and the way he brought Lafayette to life.  Watching Nelsan Ellis in interviews really lets you see him as himself, instead of Lafayette, and you can  experience how different he is from the character he portrays. To me, great acting transforms an actor making them barely recognizable; Nelson definitely achieves that.

In the TV Guide interview they also discuss Nelson’s role in “The Soloist” where he acted along-side Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Fox, two incredibly gifted actors.  In the video interview I learned Nelson’s role in the film was supposed to be much shorter but Jamie Fox, who starred in The Soloist was unable to attend a reading.  Nelson was asked by the director of The Soloist, Joe Wright to come in and read Jamie’s role that day.  Joe Wright was so impressed by Nelsan’s talent that Nelsan was given a bigger role in the movie.

Thank you, Alan Ball, for keeping Nelsan’s character Lafayette alive.  I can watch “the burger wit A.I.D.S.” scene over and over and still cheer his character on every time.

My advice, watch the video below to see the full interview!

True Blood: Nelsan Ellis
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