TV’s Wonder Women Featuring True Blood’s Rutina Wesley

December 14, 2009 by  

Rutina-Wesley-fashion-shootOver at Signature Magazine, writer Laura Prudom wrote a little article about TV’s Wonder Women, and our very own Rutina Wesley from True Blood was featured amongst some other incredible names. The site features large, beautiful pictures of gorgeous women, and then a small blurb about each of them. Just reading Rutina‘s (she’s the sixth woman on the page), you may be surprised by what you learn about her. I know I was.

First, I discovered that Rutina‘s parents were both in the entertainment industry. Her mother was a Vegas showgirl (Rutina was born in Las Vegas) and her father a professional tap dancer. Rutina, however, was different from her parents. She knew from a young age (she was seven) that she was a storyteller, a “vessel” for the characters she played. (Rutina‘s father wanted her to be a tapper, like him.) Rutina continued that comment by saying that acting gives her a chance to tell as many stories as possible, and acting allows her to cover an entire character, unlike singing or dancing. Sounds to me like the lovely Rutina is a triple threat!

On top of that, Rutina also mentioned that she was going to take it very easy during the break before True Blood started filming again.

However, we didn’t just get the little blurb next to a gorgeous picture! There is also a video of the photo shoot that involves all the women in the article. (Rutina‘s very short part comes in at the 0:46 mark in the clip.)

My suggestion to all of you is that you go to the actual article, and read all of it. There are some incredibly interesting women there besides Rutina, and girl power is always appreciated!

Just one last thing: Take a look at the video of the photo shoot too! It’s very short, but had me smiling while I watched! (Just a word of warning: the song that plays over the video does contain some profanity.) Enjoy!

SOURCES: Signature Magazine, user account SmashboxStudios

Photo credit: Signature Magazine/Photographed by Hellin Kay via