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Joe Manganiello, who is set to play Alcide Herveaux in the upcoming season 3 of True Blood, was recently featured on’s podcast for an interview discussing his role on this amazing series. At the time of the interview Joe was on the set of One Tree Hill. Joe played the character “Owen” on One Tree Hill during season 5 and 6 and is now filming season 7 of the show in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The interview started with Joe being asked how he felt about being cast for True Blood. Joe explained that about a year ago a friend of his alerted him to the fact that a lot of his fans were blogging and posting pictures of him on True Blood sites, because they thought he would be perfect for this new character that was going to be featured on True Blood. Joe says it is mind blowing to think that all this came about through his fans. Joe auditioned for the part and said it was like being on a pink cloud when he found out.

He mentions how his phone for the first week after being cast rang off the hook and how he was recently featured in Entertainment Weekly Magazine alongside True Blood creator, Alan Ball. In that piece Joe and Alan talk about what his character will bring to this new season of True Blood. Joe explains that the rollercoaster of being cast is kinda over now and it’s time to get down to business. He has been working out in the gym several days a week since werewolves tend to be in pretty good shape and has also been working on the dialect for this new character. Joe will be on set and filming his role in True Blood around the end of January.

Joe also let fans in on what 2010 holds for him. Joe explained that True Blood will be the main focus of this year and that he is looking forward to the conventions that True Blood fans love so much. Joe has also been spotted on an episode of CSI: New York which aired January 13th and he has filmed a pilot episode for a new NBC show called “100 Questions” which is due to air in April of this year.

Joe was then asked if fans could expect to see him on the show “How I Met Your Mother”, which he has been featured on several times. Joe said that he enjoys working on that show and that perhaps if scheduling works out and such we might see him on it again. If you would like to stay up on everything Joe, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or his website, We look forward to seeing this talented actor bring Alcide to life on True Blood this summer!

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the link here.


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