Three New Cast Members to Join True Blood

December 23, 2008 by  

annacampjonestrueblood_lAccording to and Spoiler TV, “True Blood” has added three  new members to their cast and will be regulars for Season 2.  Anna Camp will play the role of Sarah, Steve Newlin’s wife (Leader of the Fellowship of the Sun) who is described as being very evangelical and likes to indugle in her passion to enjoy life.  Ashley Jones will play the role of  Daphne,a  new waitress at Merlotte’s who  Sam takes an interest to. Wes Brown will play the role of Luke who is described as a obsessed churchgoer.  We can only wait and see to find out what these three new characters have in store for us all.  To read the complete articles click the link below.

SOURCE: Exclusive: ‘True Blood’ finds fresh meat in Camp and Jones

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