The UK Second True Blood Installment – First Taste

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Last week we were left high and dry with a cliff hanger. The episode throws you back to where the last episode left us; it’s at full pace from the start. The Rattrays are beating Sookie, to within inches of her life, and the mysterious dog from the first episode reappears trying to distract the Rattrays, but one of them pulls a gun on the dog.  Sookie makes a grab for the gunman, but something throws him up into the air and against the trees and slits his throat, closely followed by the remaining Rattray. You kinda guess that they are both dead.
You know it is Bill that has Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhousecome to the rescue and he picks up Sookie, taking her to a secluded area, while she falls in and out of consciousness. He rests Sookie gently on the ground and Sookie explains that she cannot feel her legs. Bill then takes a bite from himself and tells her she must drink his blood. She refuses as she doesn’t want to become a vampire, however, Bill assures her that she won’t and he forces her to drink his blood before his wound heals.  Sookie reluctantly drinks Bill‘s blood, and it turns into a very sensual moment. After the reluctance fades, you realize that she is enjoying it far, far too much.

She then loses consciousness, and the scene cuts to her waking up to see Bill licking blood off her forehead.  Bill asks her “what are you” to which Sookie replies that she is a telepath.  Bill asks if she can hear his thoughts but Sookie states that she can’t and that is why she likes him so much because it is so relaxing after a lifetime of hearing “blah, blah, blah.” As Sookie starts to move she realizes that she is healed. She is shocked and asks Bill if doctors know what “V juice” can do; he explains that it is indeed a secret between them. Whilst Bill is walking her back to her car, Sookie asks his age.  Bill explains that he became a vampire in 1865, when he was just 30 ‘human years’ old. Sookie inquires about whether he was in the Civil War, which he confirms that he was. Sookie asks him to come and speak to her Grandma about the Civil War. Bill thinks about this for a moment and agrees to go because it will make Sookie happy. Bill arranges to visit Sookie the following day…after dark.

Meanwhile, Jason is being questioned by the police over Maudette’s murder. The police wait twelve hours before showing him a video that they have recovered of Maudette and him being particularly intimate, including a snippet of what happens when Jason leaves the scene. It shows Maudette is only playing dead and once Jason has left, she unhooks herself from the position she was in and turns the camera off. The police release Jason, and he goes straight to see Dawn (a waitress at Merlotte’s). All Jason wants is his way with yet another women, especially after the day he has had and, inevitably, gets what he wants!  In the second episode you learn a little bit more about the various characters. You find out that Tara‘s mother is a drunk and that Tara hates living at home with her. She has her cousin Lafayette to call on when she doesn’t want to be at home. I really like Lafayette; he is a wicked character, he is fun, hilarious, and brings people out of their shells.  I only hope we see more of him as the series progresses.

You also meet Sookie’s Grandma, who dotes on both her grandchildren as they are all she has left of her family and she is all Sookie and Jason have too.  Sookie and her Grandma seem to have a special relationship. Sookie’s Grandma is very similar to Sookie in her  acceptance of vampires and is very excited that Bill has agreed to talk to her about the Civil War.  Bill arrives at Sookie’s; however, not only is he meeting Sookie’s Grandma, he also has the pleasure of meeting Jason and Tara, who are extremely rude to Bill. Sookie’s Grandma puts Jason firmly back in his place; she will not tolerate rudeness in her home. Bill agrees to talk at the church for Sookie’s Grandmas club.

With the acceptance of Sookie’s Grandma, Bill takes Sookie for a walk. Sookie pesters Bill with more questions. She wants to know what effects Bill’s blood will have on her, to which he explains that her senses will be heightened, as will her libido, and his ability to feel where Sookie is (he will even know if she is in trouble). Sookie demands that Bill try and work his magic in influencing her, but is surprised when he is unable to take control of her. They both accept each others special abilities and start walking again. Bill takes her to his home, and explains to Sookie that he is renovating the place and she offers a lending hand in helping to find contractors.

Bill then takes things a little further and is overwhelmed as he tells Sookie that that he can “smell the sunlight on your skin”.  Sookie is so drawn to him and grabs onto to Bill and they kiss passionately until Bill‘s fangs make a sharp entrance and Bill pulls himself away from her.  Bill is embarrassed about his fangs and decides to take Sookie home.

You really start to see that both characters are falling for each other when Sookie keeps having adult dreams about Bill. It’s clear that Bill is falling for Sookie as well; he understands that Sookie can only be herself around him because she cannot hear his thoughts.

The next scene between Sookie and Bill, Sookie arrives at Bill’s home to deliver the contractors details however, she is greeted not by Bill, but three not so friendly vampires, one of which looks strangely familiar.

What will happen to Sookie, will Bill save her again?

This was another cracking episode which left me scared for Sookie again; will the poor girl ever have an easy life?? We shall have to wait for the next installment of True Blood on Wednesday at 22:00 GMT on Channel 4.

  • antonio

    I Can’t wait to see a review on Ep.3 “Mine”! Especially since we did a whole long thread on it! I’d like to read what the reviewer thinks about it!

  • antonio

    OK This is 1 Heck of an episode,I’ll give it That much!
    1 of my favorite parts was when Sookie asks Bill to glamor her.
    He says “I’m Not comfortable with that idea” Sookie: Chicken?
    I laughed a lot! Sookie: C’mon, Do it!” So He tries to glamor her He looks at her intently “Sookie? Can You feel My influence?” She looks into his eyes and then bursts into laughter in fact she laughs So hard She almost cries!! I laughed my butt off!! ” Don’t like a gal You Cant control…thats Not Very Attractive,Bill!” What I think is pretty neat is in the early going of their relationship particularly when they meet He asks her “WHAT Are You?”
    He wants to Know WHY He cannot glamor her. He’s curious to know What is it about her that makes her So special.
    1 thing that I thought was kind of rude,on her part, is after she asks him questions like : Can you fly? can you levitate?
    can you turn into a bat? become invisible? walk through walls?
    ALL of which he replies “No” She says “Your Not Much of a Vampire,Bill!” He says “I’m good Enough to bring you Back To Life!” and then he walks away for a moment.
    At first,it seems like she is fascinated by him…Like a child might be with Santa…Can you do this? how do you feel about that? Can you do anything cool? its kind of neat to see her become enamoured of him.
    This was a good episode,However, I didnt particularly care for the scenes depicting Jason and his wild love life!
    It seems that there is a cliff hanger at the end of This episode too!
    I also didnt like Jason’s hostile attitude toward Bill when Sookie invited him over to meet their Gran!
    Of Course, I thought it was a bit rude~~~Even though I laughed my butt off When Bill said “Ah caint go in ur howse” Sookie:Why Not? Bill: U haf to invat me in…I cant enter into a mortal’s house without being invited.” Sookie: Can you try?
    Bill:” No Ah Caint” Sookie: If I took back my invitation You have to Go Away,right? What a hard gal!!
    Wont You Please Come in to my home,Sir? I thought That was a bit much but Funny
    It seems ANY Other Vampire would have Had her already by this point or at least drank her blood! Bill is a Gentleman.
    He wants to get to know her. he respects her. I like that!
    This is a Sharp contrast to that of Jason who just uses gals for his own over-sexed pleasure!
    Just goes to show you Who the REAL Man Is!
    Jason is a Jerk!
    He yells at his Gran(NoRespect for Any1) and accuses her of “siding” with Bill against him! (What an Idiot!)
    Jason:Thanks for making me look like a Fool in front of Him!
    Gran: Jason, Dear You DONT NEED Any help to look like a Fool!
    There Is a scene of graphic violence at the begiining when the Rattrays beat the stuff out of Sookie for revenge and Bill picks her beat up body and then gives her his blood…Which is kind of….Gross! LOL And of Course, there is at least a couple of scenes of graphic sexuality with Jason.
    So i think this episode would carry an “R” rating
    Other than that its pretty good.
    Bill: Sookie,Can I ask You a personal question?
    Sookie:Bill, You just licked blood off of my forehead it doesnt Get ANY more personal than that!

    Its So Cool! He licks her forehead and her face to get some of the blood off I guess
    Sookie: Do I Taste Different from Other People You’ve bit?”
    Bill: Yes
    Gotta luv it!! LOL

    Gory yet erotic! 🙂 🙂

  • Lizzie 1701

    Great review! I am re-watching S1 and it is bringing back so many pleasant memories!

  • antonio

    Attention True Blood Fans! This Same Episode “The First Taste” Will air on HBO ZONE in USA Maybe Canada? At 11:00 EDT
    Tonight 10/22
    Can’t Wait to watch I’ve Never seen S1!!