Update on Paley Center Panel with Alan Ball and the Writers

October 3, 2009 by  

true-blood02A few days ago, we announced the upcoming Paley Center event, “Inside the Writers Room: True Blood,” to be held in Los Angeles on October 28th at 7 pm PT, which will include Alan Ball, Raelle Tucker, Alexander Woo, Nancy Oliver, Brian Buckner, Kate Barnow, and Elizabeth Finch.

True Blood fans will have the opportunity to hear interesting insights about how the show goes from a scrip-t written on a page to becoming the exciting episodes we watch on our televisions.

Ball and his writing team will discuss the creation of HBO’s addictive new series, the metaphorical richness of the vampire myth, and the thinking behind Bill Compton’s fetching bowl cut.

Maybe they will even offer some hints about Season three! In addition, the event website is offering a place to submit your own questions for the panel.

Tickets went on sale October 1st and, not surprisingly, are already sold out. Were any of you Truebies among the lucky ones able to get a ticket?  If not you can still submit your questions and maybe it will be answered.

SOURCE: paleycenter.org
(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)