UPDATE: Title Change for Episode 3 (Season 6) of HBO’s True Blood

February 8, 2013 by  

‘Rock Hard Times’ Gets a New Name:

HBO's True Blood Black Promo PosterRecently, True Blood Net reported that Episode 3, Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood would be titled ‘Rock Hard Times’. As is the case with television shows that are evolving as they are written and filmed, SpoilerTV has reported a name change. Episode 3 will no longer be known as ‘Rock Hard Times’, but has been retitled as ‘Abducted’.

Along with this name change, there is another casting call. HBO are on the look out for someone to play the recurring guest role of Dr. Overlark. This character is 50-years-old and a ruthless advisor to the Governor, Creighton Burrell (played by Arliss Howard). Along side this role, they are also keen to find someone to fill the role of Hido Takahashi. Hido is another a 50-year-old, but one who likes to talk about himself!

Besides these recurring roles, HBO are also looking for a guest role. Maggie is a 35-year-old woman who is pregnant and thinks her husband has run off with another woman. And, finally, they are looking for co-star roles in the form of two police deputies who have to search a cabin.

So many tasty morsels here. Why was Episode 3’s name changed? And who are all these interesting new characters? At least it will give us something to think about until HBO announces the start date for True Blood.

Source: SpoilerTV – True Blood – Episode 6.03 – Title change + Casting Info

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)