Updated: Spoiler for Season Four: Fairyland

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Spoiler Alert!

True Blood cast posterE! Online recently revealed a new teaser spoiler for the new season of True Blood that begins in June. E! Online revealed that a character  in True Blood will be visiting Fairyland. There were no specifics on who is going to Fairyland but it can be guessed that it is Sookie Stackhouse, since during Season 3, it was revealed that she is part fairy.

“Someone is taking a trip to fairyland, and that they’re shooting scenes in a stage decorated with twinkle lights and greenery. It’s being populated with beautiful men and women in gold body paint and robes.”

There was also news from Alan Ball that there will be some wild stuff that is going on in Jason Stackhouse’s life that will “shock” us.

Update: See the video of Anna and Stephen teasing Sookie’s trip at the Oscars below:

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  • Anonymous

    Hello I suppose the Quinn could have been a “rebound” guy ..but there could have been others,too since her breakup with Bill. I always kind of thought of Alcide as the Rebound guy,Even Though Not much came of it. There were others..Charles(even tho he turned out not to be So nice,I think she liked him) Calvin…He Definitely Liked her! In the books hes courteous,kind and friendly to Sookie…Not like they made him in the show! In book 5 she was making out with Sam in his office….Talk about Rebound Huh? Bill came in and tried to beat Sam up,Weird Huh?

    I think Quinn is Cool because he is a Weretiger. Hes strong and loyal and protective. He seems to care for her a great deal. I used to like Alcide a Lot! He seemed to be the “good” Were out of the pack. I know that he was hurt and troubled and angry. He lost his dad and maybe he didnt want to get as involved with werepack politics as he did. Alcide is a Jerk!
    Anyway this is my 2 cents! lol

  • Jaxx

    Just went on to official HBO site and was looking around when I found a new S4 video promo. It was Amnesia Eric!!!! YAY!!! Thank you AB. To quote Charlie Sheen “Winning!!!”.

    You have just made my night. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi All ..Its Me,Antonio,just posting under a new name. ive been reading the books.ive just started reading book 8. My new name is for 1 of my Favorite new characters,Quinn,The Were-Tiger. I think hes just Awesome! i think hes the Best 1 for Sookie,Yet! He loves her just for Her,Not because of her sweet Fae blood or lineage nor is he drawn to her because of her abilities as a telepath.It seems he loves her just For Her! I used to like Alcide a Lot! Now,Ive grown to dislike his character.

    I’m looking forward to seeing S4 of the show,also! So much to speculate about! So many new storylines! I wonder if Jess will Turn Hoyt? Then,She would be His maker! As for Tara and Sam? I hope they Both will find Some happiness,After the last 2 years,They Deserve some! Jason is Now the head of a werepanther community in Hotshot? We know what happened in the books,Now Where will AB go with This?? it would be a shame if AB did not relate somehow the story of Eric’s interaction with Hallow and her brother!
    Having some woman “channel” her would be different that seeing her try to shake down Eric and Pam~~~which is What happened in the books
    Holly,Sam,Eric,Alcide Even Bill was involved in the witch war….I wonder How AB will write this out??
    I understand,of course, That AB may be blending 2 or 3 books into a single storyline. Because there are Many books and Only So many seasons of the show.
    I wonder….Will Quinn be introduced This year?? It seems that Quinn comes in just as Sookie and Alcide are on the outs.
    What of Bill? This is probably the biggest question This Year! Now that Sookie has rescinded his invitation and wants no more to do with him….What will He do?

    • Jaxx

      Hello Antonio, glad you’re with us again.

      There will be something big going on with Jess and Hoyt. Mama is out to get Jess and that creepy doll in the middle of Hoyt’s new house definitely meant some type of omen. We’ll have to wait and see on that one. Sam and Tara’s storylines will be interesting this year. I think Tara will come back a new woman and she will learn that she has some type of ability herself and learn how to harness it. Sam needs a new love interest. He so deserves one.

      Bill will still be around in a big way I think. With Russell encased in cement and the magister gone, and possibly Eric having amnesia (maybe), Bill will have to step in to some bigger role as he is already sheriff of theMississippi area. Maybe Nan will be the new magister.

      I’m hoping Quinn will be introduced at the end of S4 leading into S5 (hopefully). Quinn does play a big part in Sookie’s life.

      As you keep reading about Alcide, you’re going to like him less and less. Book 10 just about did it for me and liking Alcide. I don’t like the way he treated Sookie and Alcide turns into what he disliked the most. What a shame, but there are still 3 more books to go until CH ends this series, so we’ll have to wait and see.

      You will so love what Sam does in book 8.

      Take care.

      • ~ Caitlin

        Hi jaxx and Antonio,


        Sorry, Antonio I do not share the love for Quinn. I do not think he is the best match for Sookie. I feel bad for his situation but always saw him as the rebound guy. Eric wasn’t showing Sookie the attention she wanted and this good looking guy asked her out so she went out with him. Sookie even had that argument with Eric on the porch about him avoiding her. It gets on my nerves that he always calls her “Babe” just the way he says it. Sookie had deeper feelings for Eric. She was fond of Quinn but never loved him. She would always play second fiddle to his crazy family. Sookie has enough of her own problems. I think Sookie wanted to like Quinn more than she did. Plus, Quinn wanted to kill Eric so that so I did not like that one bit. Also, with Quinns buisness and some other things you find out in book 8 Quinn is never around. He can’t really protect Sookie. I did like Alcide until the were cage fighting thing and book 10. Eric is one who gives Sookie what she needs without her having to ask. It is the little things Eric thinks of like fixing her driveway and building up her self esteem. I did like Alcide though and thought he would have been a good match for her if things were different. I feel bad for Alcide though because he never wanted to be packmaster or a werewolf. I just want Alcide to be happy. I might like Quinn better in the show though. I’d like to see Billy Zane (Rose fiance in Titanic) play Quinn. Eric is still number one in my book.

        Jaxx, Sam was great in book 8. What a good guy. I forgot about that. I hope Sam gets a good woman in the show. I’m sure she will have skeletons in her closet. Maybe Sam and Tara will get back together. Rutina said in an interview that she thinks they would be good together.

        I’m interested to see Bill story. AB has a clean slate with him since he is not in most of the 4th book. I do still think that Jessica could turn Hoyt and something goes wrong (Baba). Jason kept calling Hoyt Baba last season. I know that is a southern nickname but in True Blood they put things there for a reason. Bill would have to deal with that situation. Maybe Maxine will accidently shoot Hoyt instead of Jess. He might jump in the way.

        We will have to wait for the Paley review.

        • Jaxx

          Caitlin and Antonio,

          I have to agree with Caitlin about Quinn. Don’t want to influence you Antonio re Quinn but he is definitely the rebound guy for Sookie. As you keep reading, Quinn also betrays Sookie, even though it may not be all his fault. I agree with Caitlin and I still think Eric is for Sookie. He is good to her in many ways in all of the books.

          Caitlin, I picked up on the “Bubba” references too but didn’t know what to make of them. Everything AB says and does is for a reason, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what he does with this reference.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Jaxx I agree with you Re Sookie and Eric. I like Quinn because he seems unprentious. What she sees is what she gets with him. The whole idea of a Weretiger sounds So Cool! We know he can kick butt,too! I agree though about her and Eric.
        Their blood “bond” has now been formed and she feels much more deeply connected to him. I Dont like Book Bill…Much! even though hes tried to apologize to her…(in his own way)
        I hope that CH doesnt end off with Sookie and Sam! Sam is a good guy and he is loyal and a great friend and she said hes the best boss,but, I dont think hed be enough for her! I agree that Eric would be her best bet! He does care for her deeply but hes a stickler for showing it..
        BTW, Im glad Sookie met her greatgrandfather Niall and learned the truth about her family.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully,AB and the writers know where they are going with the story this year! Ideally,This should be the year of Eric + Sookie. This should also be a year of Sookie seeking more time to bond with Alcide. At This point,Bill is out of the picture,But Who knows what AB will do with this? Rather then send Bill away on an errand to another continent, I think He will keep him around,Perhaps to confront Eric once again? The witches were only a minor storyline in the book…until the witch war near the end. I wonder have they cast yet for Hallow Stonebrook? Or her brother? I notice that Tara is off on her own for awhile. Will she meet up with JB Durone? Mickey? a FOTS member? AB alsways keeps us guessing!
    Last Year,AB broke Sookie and Bill apart and them reunited them briefly Only to force them apart again! I hope that Sooks will get a chance to be with Eric or At Least Alcide

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi Antonio (I think?),

      I think Bill will gain some type of power this year. I think Bill is still sheriff of Mississippi. Russells missing so his job could still be intact. If Eric gets amnesia, Bill could become temp sheriff of area 5.

      I’m not sure how AB is going to do the Hallow storyline. There was the one character Marnie who is supposed to be possessed by a witch. Maybe she will be possessed by a Hallow type character. I don’t know if Jesus will become a bad warlock. His grandfather might show up this season in Bon Temp (there was some foreshadowing last season with the V trip.)

      I’m sure Alcide and Sookie will at least make out. Maybe, Eric will hire Alcide to work on Sookies house. I’m interested in finding out where Tara went. Yes, I want Eric/Sookie to get together it’s been building very slowly for three seasons.

    • Jaxx

      Antonio, is this your new name??

      I think eventually Tara will meet JB Durone. I think Franklin Mott was a combination of Mickey and Franklin. The Franklin from the books wasn’t as deranged as TB Franklin. We’ll have to wait and see on that one though.

      Not too many spoilers out there so far. I’m hoping HBO will throw us a bone or 2 soon? Wonder if they are going to do the minisodes again??

      • ~ Caitlin

        I think they made Jason a combination of JB and Jason from the books. JB was not the sharpest tool in the shed. Jason is smarter than him though. I thought maybe Tara and Jason would eventually get together. I don’t see how that is possible now because he killed Eggs. I think it is possible that Tara and Jason could end up together (probably won’t happen but you never know). I think Tara will always have a thing for Jason. It would be nice to see another flac]shback to when they were kids, he looked out for her.

        Hopefully, we will get some good spoilers from Isis and Shanea’s Paley reports!

  • Anonymous

    GOLD COLORED FAIRIES!! Guy’s I totally agree that I hope they aren’t going to makeup happy this season… and Alan said that bringing in Bubba would cheapen the show.. I just hope that the gold fairies are just the artistic and expermenting sort.. Because when Sookie had her out of body experience while she was in the hospital, the fairies weren’t gold. Maybe they are nymphs… Only three months left… it’s time for some sneak peeks to come out, don’t you agree?

    • Jaxx

      Yep, gold colored fairies. Complete with pointy ears and sharp teeth. Google Alan Ball and fairies and see what you come up with. Please don’t make this campy and jump the shark this year.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it was obvious that Sookie was going to Fairyland as per S3 ending, but maybe they mean someone else?? Who knows!

    Gold coloured fairies?? Really? Goldfinger music anyone??

    • Jaxx

      Lizzie is this your new name??

      I agree with the gold colored fairies. I hope this isn’t going to be too campy, it’ll cheapen the show.

      • ~ Caitlin

        Hi lizzie and jaxx,
        I agree I hope it is not to cheesy. I did not enjoy it when Sookie first met the fairies last season. I think they are purposely making them look like that to show the contrast to what some fae are really like. Things are not always as they apear to be. AB likes to go dark with his characters. I saw a picture on the internet somewhere with AB and a person in what looked like a water fae in makeup. He looked downright disturbing. The person was wearing prostetic makeup had fake teeth and pointed ears. You can find the picture somewhere on the internet.

        • Jaxx

          **SPOILER** Ohhh, I’m going to have to look for that picture. I wonder if it’s Neve or the other one, can’t think of her name, the nasty ones that tortour Sookie in the books. That description pretty much fits those two. I wondered, too, if the whole “sweet fairyland thing” was just smoke and mirrors. The fae in this show aren’t all Tinkerbell. lol.

          • ~ Caitlin

            Hi jaxx,


            You can type into a search engine A picture of Allen Ball with a fae or something like that and a picture comes up. I thought it could have been Lochlon. Lizzies comment was interesting maybe there is a good triplet and a bad one. I’m sure AB is going to make the fae in the show even worse than the ones in the book. We know they can be ruthless in the books. I think AB is just teasing us with the campy fae.

            I think this season they could skip ahead 5 or 6 months even. I believe Arlene was 10 weeks pregnant at the end of season 3. They might want to skip to the end of her pregnancy. Time will be different in Fealand. It might be years in faeland but a few months in Bon Temp time. This would give time for things to settle from last season and season two. Everyone needs a break. Sookie is supposed to get her house fixed this season. I hope Eric is the one to think of it. I really liked that Eric always thought of the little things when it came to Sookie in the books. Maybe he will hire Alcide. Eric has seen her house and so has Pam. I do not think Sookie rescinded Pams invite to her home. Lala might have a key to let workers in. Just a thought. I am sick of looking at that house in shambles.

          • Jaxx

            *SPOILER* Thanks Caitlin. I did find the picture. Pointed ears and teeth and nasty looking just like in the books. I bet one of them is Lochlan or Neve. They would almost have to skip ahead a couple of months. Although we find out what happens to Tommy right away I think. And, Jason will need time to learn to be leader of the were panthers. Sookie being in faeland for months would make sense. She would learn everything about being fae at that time and she’s rescinded Bill’s and Eric’s invites. She did rescind Pam’s invite at the bar when she told them not to follow her home. It extended to Russell as well.

            The million dollar question is when Sookie comes back to BT, will she have amnesia. Will Niall or the fae queen erase her memory of all the pain she’s endured over the last couple of months. Will she remember anyone, if she is the one to get amnesia.

            Or when Sookie returns, will she find Eric running towards her house like in the books and he will have amnesia.

            Only 104 more days until we find out some answers. They are really keeping this season under wraps. I thought by now we’d find out more spoilers.

          • ~ Caitlin


            I know they have been really good about keeping spoilers at a minimum. That is probably a good thing. We tend to ruin some surprise by looking at the spoilers. It is hard to resist though. How will Sookie explain where she went to her friends? I guess she could say she does not want to talk about it. Sookie will have to explain her Bill situation to everyone and that won’t be fun for her. She might have to lie because I’m sure the fae would not want her to talk about Faeland so they could wipe her memory. I still think it will be Eric to have amnesia. I don’t know how that would work though. Where would he stay? Sookie does not have a “hidy hole” like in the books. It would be funny to see an amnesia Eric with Laffy. Isn’t that fae picture creepy (if that even is a fae)? Maybe Locholan will be lurking in the background when Sookie is in Faeland. Maybe that wasn’t either of them.

            I know a lot of people did not like the Sam story but I don’t think it was all bad. I don’t mind Tommy. However, I did not like the conman flashback and his parents became annoying. Also, I upset with how Sam treated Tommy in the end. He agreed to look after Tommy and just gives up after a week. It will take a long time for Tommy to heal if ever from his parents abuse. Jason’s story started out okay but got a little ridiculous. The Hotshot storyline in the show is not my favorite and Crytsal started to get on my nerves. Jason does not need that. It would be great to see Steve and Sara again. I thought the FOTS storyline was good.

        • Anonymous

          I think there is the light and dark fae eg light and water??? In the books there were triplets? So, I think Sookie has met one of each. Maybe the first one was the good one and the one at the end the dark (golden) one? Which one did Bill meet then?

          Would this scenario work?

          • Jaxx

            **SOME SPOILERS**

            Actually Lizzie, you’re right. I forgot in the books there was Claudine, Claude and, I think, Claudette or Claudia, can’t remember which. I actually think CH made a mistake in the books because I remember her using both names for the third one. Ooops!! lol. Very true. We all know how AB likes to mix things up. Will we or did we meet Claudine and/or her sister??? Was it one of each?? Will AB go there?? Maybe one good and one bad fae sister??? That would make for some interesting storylines. Did Bill meet Claudine or the other sister?? Did Sookie meet both or one of them??

            I wasn’t too excited about the fae thing before but now you’ve peaked my interest and hope AB does go there to some extent. Just don’t make it campy.

            Now we need good storylines for Sam and Jason. Last year was just mediocre, jimo.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, Jaxx, it is me! I had initial probs signing with my original avatar name so signed in with FB. So, when I had a bit of time, I went through all the bits and re-registered but could not use my original avatar name because it said it was already in use. It is probably my fault making a mistake, but here I am.

  • Jaxx

    Keep the spoilers coming. I’m very excited for S4 since S3 was such a great season.