Utah Actress Lindsay Pulsipher on True Blood

June 24, 2010 by  

Not only do Utah girls have big dreams, but they know how to make it happen! After seeing the movie “Annie” at age 8, Utah native Lindsay Pulsipher decided to become an actress.

20 years later, Lindsay has finally made it to Hollywood from her home town of Cottonwood Heights. The only thing is, there isn’t much singing when there are blood-thirsty vampires all around you. See, Lindsay didn’t simply make it to Hollywood, but also to the set of the HBO series True Blood, where she will be a regular cast member for at least nine episodes.

Though the third season began on June 13th, Lindsay made her debut in the second episode as the mysterious Crystal Norris, who will be the new love interest for Jason Stackhouse. As Lindsay views it,

“The writers are really focusing on the relationship between Crystal and Jason…up to this point, he has never settled down, and I think she really knocks him off his feet. They have this magical relationship, and it’s brand new for both of them. It’s kind of a powerful, explosive relationship.”

With a powerful and explosive relationship comes explicit scenes. The show has been known for its sexuality and violence. With that said, the producers have been very understanding with Lindsay, allowing her to use a body double. Lindsay notes,

“I kind of knew that the show is very sexually driven, especially Jason’s character…they did tell me that they would never ask me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with. But I trust them and I knew they wouldn’t ask me. Right off the bat I felt comfortable with that.”

With a comfortable actress, comes a comfortable and organic performance. Audiences have already had a glimpse of Lindsay and now they’re looking for more of that Utah fire in Bon Temps.

Credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

(Photo Credit: IMDb.com)