Valerie Cruz as True Blood’s “Isabel” Interview

August 14, 2009 by  

Recently appearing on the last 4 episodes of True Blood Season 2, Isabel is one of the characters that has been introduced while Bill and Sookie valerie-cruz-true-bloodhave been in Dallas .  We get to know more of her character during an interview in which the actress playing her, Valerie Cruz, lets us in on where Isabel comes from, what her role is, and what its like working on True Blood. Having been on other well known cable shows shows, Valerie states that:

It was strange because I was a big fan of the show before I [was cast] and interacting with them after being on the outside looking in was a real interesting trip.

Isabel is over 600 years old and works at the hotel where Bill and Sookie are staying, and in that sense, approaching her character was quite a challenge. When asked how she prepared, Valerie answered:

A book gives you a lot of back story. On TV there’s not always that time so as an actor, when you come on and you get this character you have to create it from head to toe. I did a lot of research on vampires, read books, watched different movies. I pieced together what it was that I wanted for her. I put her at 600 years old. I thought about the Spanish inquisition. When I knew the time period where she was made it was easier to flesh her out.

Valerie enjoyed the fact that she was able to have input on her character’s physical appearance and style working with the wardrobe and make-up departments.

On working with Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin,Valerie expressed  that they were both very sweet and sensitive people, and that it impressed her considering the hours and how hard they both worked.

Watch Valerie’s character on “True Blood” every Sunday night at 9PM on HBO. To see more of Valerie’s performances, check her out in Dexter and the first season of Nip/Tuck. She also has a movie coming up entitled “La Ligne“.

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc)