Vampire Genre Sells Big

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E25HBOsideVampires are everywhere nowadays – in books, movies, TV shows, video games, and arts. People have been hooked to the vampire saga and 21st century’s hit offering are the following: True Blood, the Twilight saga and the latest TV show to come on board, Vampire Diaries. Since we are all going crazy about vampires, let’s try to go beyond the stories and count the money that’s been raked by the entertainment industry.

In the movie department, the first installment of the Twilight series pulled in $380 million at the global box office and an additional $168 million in U.S. DVD sales.  Now if the last installment of the Twilight series, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, will have the same result, the Twilight series can be estimated to be a $500 million-a-year movie franchise alone thanks to the fans of Twilight!

In books, vampire stories can be seen as a $100 million annual business for book publishers. It has been reported that the woman behind Twilight, Stephenie Meyer, has sold 30 million copies of her books in both hardcover and paperback in the United States. Our beloved Charlaine Harris ranks second with 6 million copies sold for her Sookie Stackhouse novels including setting a record for at one point this summer, holding seven of the top-25 spots for mass-market fiction in The New York Times bestseller list. Between hardcover and paperback, both Stephanie Meyers and Charlaine Harris have sold a combined total of $432 million worth of books.

In TV shows Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood reigns supreme.  HBO’s True Blood has become the network’s most successful series since The Sopranos, reaching over 10 million viewers when you include DVR watchers. Although HBO has not published reports of the shows earnings estimates based on the shows high ratings and DVD sales place it in the realm of generating $50 million-a-year. On the other hand, CW’s Vampire Diaries has 4.3 million viewers – the highest for the network generting an estimated $20 million a year.  Therefore combining the two vampire shows on television it is to an estimated $70 million a year business.

Then, there’s the vampire video games share which is worth $12.5 million yearly. And since the Twilight stars are featured regularly on tabloids, it gives vampires a quarter of the credit for newsstand sales and that’s $21.5 million in just a single year. Also, then based on Halloween vampire costumes’ estimated worth of $62.5 million each October the entire vampire genre including, movies, books, TV shows, video games, magazine sales and Halloween costumes totals to $771.5 million annually!

Now that’s a lot of money to bite into!


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    I think this is a bit over board

  • ihatevamps

    i think that they are over rated and are making to much money off this.

  • Yeah, the only Vampire I’m into is Bill..”True Blood”…the other vampire show’s…books…on and on….HUH……NOT!!! I never was,OMG I Love Vampires!! “Interview with a Vampire” was ok..But, not like I am with this show…I think just, cause it’s got a little bit of everything in it …Serious, funny, scary, Sex!! All that…..(o-o-o-o…that sounds kinda cool…)ok..I’m done..

    • Antonio

      I feel the same way! I’ve always kind of liked “monster movies”
      I thought that IWTV was Incredible! 1 of my fave vampire flix!
      Dracula with Gary Oldman and Wynona Rider was pretty good too.
      I like the Twilight film even though i thought the book was better! There really Is Nothing like TB though! I can’t really enjoy network tv anymore After TB All else leaves me colder than Vermont in January! LOL You’re right its got a little bit of everything! chills,thrills,action, sex,laughs tears
      Go TB!! 🙂

  • Antonio

    Plus it feeds our 2 great wants to be intensely Loved and Desired! Its not hard to understand that!

  • Antonio

    Vamp genre sells big? Any clues as to Why??
    The quintessential vampire story is timeless.
    It sells big because the ideaology behind it sells big…Forbidden Love,Eternal Devotion, Youth,Sex appeal, Strength
    “feeding” off of someone’s sexual energy Whats Not to sell?
    Its erotic almost voyeuristic maybe even fetishistic to a degree?

  • Tiago

    I’m SICK of vampires.SICK.Just the word vampire is enough to turn my stomach inside out.

    The only vampire show I watch is True Blood and it’s on hiatus, so you get it.No vampires for me until True Blood’s 3rd season.

  • museum_dancer

    don’t forget the tons of online vamp sources (fansites, spoofs, internet shows, marketing…)

  • Uh, other authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon make a LOT more than those two WITHOUT having a tv/movie series to back them up… AND a lot more books that hit #1 on the NYT bestseller list…