Vampire Look Invades Fashion World

December 5, 2009 by  

Fashion – particularly the make-up world – is totally in sync with the vampire genre. Nowadays, celebrities are flashing the new pale make-up craze and are not afraid to flaunt their pale complexions. And the inspiration behind this craze is none other than the massive success of True Blood and Twilight.

This may sound absurd to the others, but according to an online beauty shop,, sales of pale make-up increased by a whooping 200 percent during the past month. Also, L’Oreal’s True Match rose ivory powder’s sales escalated by 133 percent. It’s fantastic to know that women – especially those who are pale-skinned who resorted to tanning creams and lotions just to have the famous sun-kissed look – are now proudly flaunting their pale complexions and wearing pale make-up. And celebrities like Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and the UK’s Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts top the list of celebrities who love to do the vamp look.

Siobhan McDermott of FeelUnique said,

“Porcelain skin is a classic, chic and glamorous look but has long been shunned in favor of bronzed skin. It is great to see that this trend is making women proud to be pale and those who aren’t, envious.”

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(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)