Vampire King is this Season’s Villain

June 22, 2010 by  

Every good television drama needs a well written villain.  In Season 1 of True Blood, we had Rene out to kill vampire lovers.  In Season 2 we had Maryanne out to destroy the entire town. Season 3‘s villain is shaping up to be Russell Edgington the Vampire King of Mississippi played by Denis O’Hare.

As we saw in Episode 2, Edgington was responsible for Bill’s kidnapping by werewolves, for which he is completely unapologetic, and is plotting against Queen Sophie Anne. Not bad for his introduction! We also see that Russell has a boyfriend of 700 years named Talbot played by Theo Alexander. In the books Talbot is Russell‘s human companion and not a vampire.

In a show about vampires, werewolves and various supernatural beings there are plenty of “bad guys” to go around, but Russell is 2800 years old and the “oldest, strongest vampire” around.  That doesn’t bode well for the residents of Bon TempsO’Hare spoke to People Magazine telling them:

Russell intends to take over the world. He feels that human beings have squandered their stewardship of the earth by not treating it well. And he is an old Celt, a Druid, who was an earth-worshipper, and he feels like he needs to take over.”

O’Hare is listed as a Season 3 regular and said his character “has plans”. We can’t wait to see what those are!

Source: People Magazine

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)