Vampire Pam is Getting a Promotion for Season 3!

December 9, 2009 by  

Pam-True-Blood-season-2Hey, fellow Truebies! Kristin Bauer‘s guest star status on True Blood has been upgraded to regular. Pretty cool, even though I had (apparently wrongly) assumed that Kristin was already a regular star on True Blood. She may even be getting her own story line in the upcoming season 3!

According to, there are also rumors (that come directly from Alan Ball) that Vampire Pam will possibly end up in a relationship with another woman.

I really hope that happens, because it would be really nice to see another loving relationship on TV!


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • I enjoy Pam’s scenes! Glad she is getting more air time!

  • jaxx

    YAY, I adore Pam and her “Pam-isms”. She has some killer one liners and can’t wait to see her on a weekly basis. Would love to see her back story played out. She is a great supporting actress.

  • Olivia

    Pam has been my favorite Vamp on the show from the begining. I’m glas we will see more of her.

  • Loleaf

    It’s about time that they see the potential of the Pam character! Kristin makes her a very whitty character and it would be a shame not to give her more screentime. The comical banter that she has with the other characters is so priceless.

    Lafayette: “Your Not My Type Bit*h!”
    Pam: “Can I Kick Him?”
    Bill: “You Can Try!”

    So funny!!! Congrats Kristen!

    • jay

      I agree.. She is awesome. I love to see more banter with bill because as vampires they are so the total opposites that they just clash all the time!

      Bill: ‘do you enjoy being half way up his backside?’
      Pam: ‘yes, you should try it!’

      (I think thats how it goes?) 🙂

  • jay

    I cant see Pam being in a ‘loving’ relationship, but hey a relationship none the less. It is better than nothing. So glad there is more Pam..

  • Angela

    I’m glad that Pam (Kristin) will get more screen time in Season 3. She didn’t get enough scenes in Season 2.