Vampire Phenomena Link to Recession

September 20, 2009 by  

Sam TrammellWith the global economic crisis still on the surge and while some are sweating themselves to find ways to end it sooner, most of us are more likely engaging and conditioning ourselves to avoid the backdrops of reality. This is what we call escapism.

Yes, we are guilty of it. But we can’t blame ourselves for trying to divert our grasp on reality and focus our attention to something entertaining — even if it’s just for a while — like our beloved series, True Blood.

Sam Trammell, for one, believes that the reason behind our thirst for vampire stories is the outcome of the current economic crisis.

On his recent interview, Sam said,

“With the global recession, people have been wanting to escape and go to a place where imagination goes. That’s kind of sexy, seeing creatures living with normal beings.”

Maybe what Sam said is right. Life in the 21st century has been difficult with problems arising like crime, terrorist threats, global warming, unemployment, over population, etc. Who wouldn’t want to escape such atrocity? Indeed, the vampire phenomenon offers us not only an insight to a world of superficial things but an idea of what we are currently facing. Surely, the mysterious dark world of the vampires can be drastically compared to what every nation is facing at this moment — the darkest economic stagnation.

But so long as we are facing these difficulties, we will inevitably cling on to escapism.


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  • antonio

    I think its less about the recession and more about the appeal of immortal love with a vampire.

  • antonio

    In My opinion, The global recession has little to do with it.
    Part of the reason why vampire projects and stories are a hot commodity is in a world where so little real love exists where there are So many shattered dreams,broken hearts and unrequited love(This can be Very difficult to deal with) Its somewhat of a fantasy to escape into the world of the vampire. Part of the reason the vamps are So hard to resist is because they are seductive,passionate and insatiable. “Come with Me and be Mine Forever” is hard to resist These bloodsuckers promise an eternity of devotion,passion and love…a potential spouse does not offer this! Thats Why the Vampire is always made to look like an Anti-Hero of sorts…Perhaps because he offers something that mortals are too stingy to.
    In this light, Vampires seem Non-Judgemental and Accepting Offering an almost unconditional love if not devotion and Yes Vamps Can be possesive…Look at Bill with Sookie!!
    Part-time love just doesnt cut it for many Vamps do Full Time And Beyond!
    Shifters like Jacob Black in TL and Sam Merlotte in TB love can love fiercely,too the things is Vampires are immortal…Shifters are NOT. The Werewolf is certainly not either since it can be sloppy and animal-like in its instincts.
    I agree with ST that there Is something potent and sexy about vampires.