The Vampire Phenomenon

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True-Blood-PosterMidnight on Friday marked the release of the latest movie in the “Twilight” series, “New Moon.” With all these movies and shows stemming from the recent obsession with vampires, one might ask what is responsible for this vampire pop culture bloom? Mention the word “blood” 30 years ago, and you would probably make any sane person gag, what with the abundance of AIDS cases and society-driven fears accompanying the word “blood.” Even nowadays, a quick trip to the doc’s office to have blood work done will make any person of machismo-driven personality squeamish. So how does the recent vampire fad, and all of this blood drinking, attract so many fans?

One would say the model-type characters who portray vampires appeal to anyone. The timeless knowledge vampires possess doesn’t hurt their public image either. What about the sexual pretenses in shows like “True Blood” or the film franchise “Twilight?”  Sure, Edward and Bella don’t have a sexual relationship yet, but one would be naive to say there isn’t any sexual tension and that their attraction is pure and innocent.

This most recent infatuation with vampires didn’t just appear from nowhere though. Look through worldly cultures and you’ll see not mirror images of vampires but the ideas that represent everything we have come to love about them. What exactly do we love? Obviously everything they stand for, everything they contain and are able to do. Eternal existence, unlimited knowledge and sexual appeal to boot, vampires are almost any man or woman’s fantasy alter ego incarnate. If movies like “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead” and the Korean thriller “Thirst” are any indication, vampires won’t be departing any time soon. This may not be a bad thing for this worldwide fad, either though. Vampires are a symbol and perfect match for an uncertain society in this day and age and they are still as entertaining as they are frightening today as 100 years ago. I personally don’t minde some of the new ideas about vampire culture shows like “True Blood” have introduced. They are a breath of fresh air.  So, to keep it short and sweet, keep ’em coming Mr. Ball and all you other undead fanatics. My thirst will never be quenched!

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal Online

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  • You guys are very “deep”….Not me, I’m just thrilled over Stephen Moyer as, “Bill”…..Sexy Vampire….

    • Antonio

      Hi Lani Happy Thanksgiving to You! Some of us are “so deep”
      Because the show means So Much More to us! Its not just about the characters per say But what they have come to represent for us! For Me, Bill Compton is brooding troubled and yet somehow lovable it strikes a cord with Me…Since I can be the same way!! I can also relate with Sam he just wants to be accepted and loved Again like me Who Doesnt Want That??
      I like Eric,too I think He is So Cool! Although She can annoying at times i like Sookie a lot too!

  • pbartteacher

    Yes, the season two poster was awesome. I love the picture of Eric in the center. The mastermind of True Blood. It will be interesting to see what will happen next season.

    The fascination with vampires is cyclical. In times of change and turmoil, the release of fantasy is very attractive. Add the ideas of sex, violence and being forever young, what’s not to like? Vampires represent everything that we want to be in our culture today. Staying young forever, the ultimate sex machine, powerful,commanding and loyal.

  • Antonio

    That group shot poster of them all is So Cool!

  • Antonio

    Great Article,Dennis! Thank You for posting! Vampires are,And I imagine,Always Will be a source of unending fascination for many of the reasons which you had listed! The vampire story is timeless. There are So Many elements which make it visceral and appealing. Themes like Youth,Strength,Knowledge,Desire,Sensuality
    Plus Eternal Devotion..These things prove irresistable to Many!
    Plus the ideaology of it…Someone who Won’t grow old…or Tired of You Who Always be fiercely devoted to You Who wouldnt want That??

    • ashlee

      do you guys actually think vampires exist because i’m so freaking curious….. i mean it would be cool to actuall find one in life but at the same time if it did ever happen it would have to be a secert but you wnt to brag about it to everyone and you won’t be able to controll yourself…..Also where might you find a vampire oinly one i know about is vlad the impaler but peopl say he is not really a vampire i woulkd ask antoino but he is so mad at me right now so i have no one to share my thoughts with…RESPOND ON THIS