Vampire-Themed Wedding Shocks UK Registrar

November 29, 2009 by  

truebloodlipsNigel and Alex Harvard from Surbiton, Surrey knew they didn’t want a “big white wedding,” but registrar Anne Wood wasn’t quite prepared for the ceremony they planned instead.  Alex arrived in a red and black dress, and the couple were both wearing fangs.

And if marrying two vampires wasn’t strange enough, the guests arrived in costume as well.  The registrar told reporters:

“I had no idea what the couple had planned before the ceremony.

It was only when I saw a skeleton and a group of witches in the car park that I knew it wasn’t going to be a conventional wedding.

It is a good job I am not of a nervous disposition as one of the witnesses was dressed as a werewolf, complete with huge hairy hands and a full head mask with fur and red eyes.

I could see him in the corner of my eye throughout the ceremony.”

The couple had to remove their fangs in order to make their vows since witnesses were having trouble understanding what was said.  Otherwise, the couple stayed in full costume throughout the entire ceremony, and red wine rather than Champagne was used for the wedding toast.

Bride Alex said that the theme was Nigel’s idea, and she was thrilled that the guests got into the spirit of the event to make their special day unique.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)