Team Vampire vs. Team Werewolf: Can You Choose?

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Who deserves to win this long-time blood feud?

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman attacking a wolf

It’s pretty common knowledge that vamps and weres are sworn enemies–some would call it a “blood feud,” and their rivalry goes way, way back. The long-standing bad blood between vamps and weres has been chronicled time and again over the decades. It goes back before Charlaine Harris’ introduction of her Sookie Stackhouse character to werewolves in the 2002 book Living Dead in Dallas and later to the huge, hunk-a-licious were, ‘Alcide Herveaux’ in 2003’s Club Dead. It goes back before vampire ‘Selene’ and vampire-were hybrid ‘Michael’ fell in love in the 2003 movie Underworld‘. It even goes back before Joss Whedon’s 1990’s pop-culture vamp vehicle,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ when the Sunnydale slayer encountered teenage werewolf, ‘Oz’  in 1998.

You have to go all the way back to the most famous cinematic vampire and werewolf characters of the 20th century to see how these two iconic supernaturals began not playing nicely. In ‘The House of Frankenstein‘ (1944) and ‘The House of Dracula’ (1945)  Lon Chaney, Jr. as ‘The Wolf Man’ took on ‘Count Dracula’ (John Carradine).  That is one long feud!

Vampires and Werewolves: Did you know that…?

What is intriguing about the ubiquitous theme of vampires and werewolves being sworn enemies is that legend has it that dead werewolves would rise as vampires!

Also, though we’ve often seen vampires being portrayed transforming into other creatures such as bats as well as wolves, did you know that the Slavonic word volkodlak, which means werewolf translates into the word vampire in Serbian?

Coincidence? You decide.

Reasons why vamps and weres (maybe) should try to get along:

  • Both creatures sport big fangs
  • Traditional vampires and werewolves come out only at night
  • They both hate silver
  • They’re both demonized by humans, considered unholy monsters

The folks at TV are currently posing a seemingly easy-to-answer question:  If you had to choose sides–Team Vampire or Team Werewolf–which team would you choose?

So what do you think? Have you thrown down for the vampires or werewolves? Whose team would you be on: Team Vampire or Team Were?

Source Credit: TV – Vampires vs. Werewolves: Whose Team Are You On?

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(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)

  • Nancy

    I say team Alcide, I mean Werewolf all the way. 😛

  • jaxx

    Team vampire all the way, although Alcide makes it kind of hard to decide. 😉

  • Lizzie1701

    No Bill pic but 2 of Eric. This is what causes anomosity because some fan over at TV Guide has an Eric fix. It is a slap to SM’s face. Sorry. Getting sick of it.

  • sheila

    I am for team Vamp all the way.

  • ~ Caitlin

    My bets on the vampires. Bill took down about four or five were on V. Also, Eric killed the were on V in Sookies house. Russell could probably take out all of his wolves if he wanted.

  • val

    Well I am for team Vampire-and NOT because of Twilight! Im not into kiddie shows Ill take Trueblood Vamps ANY day (Eric in particular!!!!)

    • kylie

      It’s a hard choice because both are very alluring and hot to trot so to speak,
      It depends both have their adventages and weakness I think vampires for that sexy appeal (eric) and extra perks
      Wolfs for that ruggered wild apeal that they give out