Vampires Would Love This Potential New Energy Source

October 19, 2009 by  

blood-lampNew energy ideas are being explored every day, but few will prove to be as unusual – or controversial – as a single use lamp that runs on human blood.

Considering the rise in interest of vampires and their lore, it is a timely invention designed to make people think about how much energy can affect your day to day life, and how much of an impact it can have, if you could only have energy at a personal cost to yourself.

I wonder how the citizens of Bon Temps would employ this single use lamp – would they save it for a special day, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or their birthday, perhaps?  The impact of this invention is heightened by the fact that it is single-use only.  As the designer, Mike Thompson, says:

You have to really decide when to use this lamp because it’s only going to work once,” Thompson said. “So it makes it kind of a poignant moment.””

The lamp is powered by luminol, which is the chemical used at crime scenes to search for traces of blood.  Mike Thompson, English born, but studying in the Netherlands at the time of invention, came up with the idea as he studied for his Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

“It kind of triggered this thought in my mind, that if energy somehow came at a cost to us, then maybe it would make us think differently about the way we use it,” Thompson told LiveScience. The lamp is intended to “challenge people’s preconceived notions about where our energy comes from,” he said, and it forces the user “to rethink how wasteful they are with energy, and how precious it is.”

I can’t help but think that this is an idea which would appeal more to the vampire residents of Bon Temps, which, if this idea became more widespread, could leave the humans sitting in the dark… which may also appeal to the vampire residents.

You can watch a demonstration of how the blood lamp works by clicking on the link here.


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