Verizon FiOS and Team Up for True Blood Premier Twitter After Party with Prizes! — Updated!

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True Blood Premere After Party!

We know waiting for the True Blood premier has really sucked! That’s why we’ve planed a party! Verizon FiOS and have teamed up to throw an after party to put Friday Nights at Fangtasia to shame! And the best part, is you don’t have to get dressed up to attend! Just follow us on Twitter (@truebloodnet and @VzEntertain) to join in the fun on Sunday, June 26th! And there won’t be just one after party, there will be two! We haven’t forgotten our West Coast Truebies! The first after party will be at 10 pm EDT right after the East Coast 4th season premere showing of True Blood at 9 EDT — you KNOW we’ll be live tweeting that! — and then again after the West Coast Premere — more live tweeting fun! —  and we’ll have a second premere party at 10 pm PDT! It’s going to be an OMGodric Fangtastic night!


And thanks to Verizon FiOS and HBO there’ll be prizes! The list of prizes is finalized and include many of your favorite items from the HBO True Blood Store! The rules are pretty simple, you have to follow VzEntertain and your posts must contain the hash tags: #FiOS and #TrueBlood. Unfortunately, prizes can only be shipped to US adresses, check the rules link at the bottom of the article for full information. That’s it! So to get ready to party like a pack of Weres on a blue moon!


True Blood Busts Eric Sookie and Bill

10 Grand Prize Winners (5 for East Coast, 5 for West Coast)

True Blood Pint Set

40 First Prize Winners (20 for East Coast, 20 for West Coast)

  • True Blood: The Complete Third Season Blu-Ray DVD.

3rd Season Blue Ray DVD

About FiOS

The contest is being sponsored by FiOs and we think you should know a bit about them. Sure, this looks like an ad, but we think it’s awesome that they are reaching out to the Truebie community. Plus, it sounds like their system is faster than a vampire making her pre-dawn coffin dash!


Use FiOS new Flex View technology to download your favorite movies online to your home computer or laptop with blazing speed – nearly 2,000 On Demand titles are now available online to FiOS subscribers! You can even use one of the thousands of Verizon nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots to download them on the go.


With over 130 HD channels and more than 25,000 On Demand movies and shows per month, it’s easy to find something for everyone to watch. Our advanced fiber optic technology lets you watch HDTV with fewer interruptions, less pixelation, and less weather interference. While you’re at it, use our TV Widgets to update Facebook and Twitter on your screen, stream photos to and from your computer, and check traffic, sports, news, and more.

Additionally, FiOS is the only major fiber optic network in America

So get some rest this week Trubies, we don’t want anyone getting the bleeds because they’ve been up too long. And it couldn’t hurt to put aside some True Blood Beverage — spiced with just a drop of medicinal V — because you know it’s going to be one heck of a Fangover!


Official Rules


Photo Credits: HBO Inc.

Credits: Verizon FiOS