Verizon FiOS Twitter Party and TBN Contest Winners

July 22, 2011 by  

The Winners List Is Up!

All Flavor. No Bite promo posterI know you have all been waiting with bated breath for the winners results from the Verizon FiOS Twitter Party that was held not once, but twice on the opening night of Season 4 of True Blood.

Now, before we get to the results, I would like to thank the wonderful people at both Verizon FiOS and HBO who so very generously donated prizes for this event.

With  FiOS new Flex View technology you can download your favorite movies online to your home computer or laptop with blazing speed – nearly 2,000 On Demand titles are now available online to FiOS subscribers! You can even use one of the thousands of Verizon nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots to download them on the go.

As well as that, there is also FiOS TV which boasts over 130 HD channels and more than 25,000 On Demand movies and shows per month. Their advanced fiber optic technology lets you watch HDTV with fewer interruptions, less pixelation, and less weather interference.

We also had celebrities attending the event!  A few words between ourselves and Marshall Allman:

Marshall Allman @ Twitter party

So, (drum roll please), the winners for the East Coast are:

1.  EMichelle11
2.  shaydalynn
3.  mollywobblez
4.  theamazon111
5.  AmeliaxBroadway
1.  BookLover62
2.  wiinterrr
3.  qhorse2
4.  lorikb215
5.  sirensong89
7.  lisalynnemarie
8.  _askars_
9.  caseyjarrell
10.  lorissa2004
11.  vivalakee
12.  lizzard268
13.  snoopie62
14.  ChristianPiatek
15.  prncessdana
16.  BlueMonkey121
17.  ldyanne
18.  Lizziemomma712
19.  jeannius
20.  DisneyFlint


The West Coast winners are:

1.  SaraAnn21
2.  Carmen_R
3.  BewitchinSam
4.  beth0301
5.  suepafly
1.  dz25
2.  PxlWvr
3.  emokidsloveme
4.  kidvicious86
5.  Blizzard1
6.  vitch36
7.  Mjteambreezy
8.  indylana
9.  EffinSpaceCadet
10.  amandamc34
11.  AliveAndDancing
12.  rwilkinson89
13.  jeannius
14.  pudge18
15.  sansregarde
16.  robincarmichael
17.  blue_devil_fan
18.  WrigleyGirl17
19.  amberxrenee
20.  tiffff

Thank you so much to all who participated, it was an awesome night!

And now for the other contest winners:

TBN Contest S3 Prize Pack –

D. Frye – Tallahassee, FL

L. Stine  – Lexington, IN

L. Mills – Conway, SC Twitter Contests: Countdown to True Blood Season 4 – Twitter Contest 1

L. LaTrace – Aiken, SC

R. Karon –  New York, NY

D. Ellis – Myrtle Beach, SC

A. R. Vincent – Appleton, WI

S. Evans – Franklin, TN Twitter Contest 2 –

L. Mekeel – Darien, IL

S. A. Wilcox – Milwaukee, WI

A. Batres – Gladstone, MO

H. Pollock – North Sutton, NH

L. Pärtel – Harjumaa, Estonia Twitter Contest 3 –

D. Young – Mayville, WI

C. House – New Albany, IN

K. Henning – Saukville, WI

True Blood Contest: Enter to Win the Tru Blood Beverage –

B. Montgomery – Gardendale, AL

D. Andrews – Monroe, NY

L. Macks – Wilsonville, OR

Congrats to all the winners, thank you for participating, and being loyal readers!  We love you!

Sources: True Blood Net– Verizon FiOS and Team Up for True Blood Premiere Twitter After Party with Prizes! – Updated!


(Image Credit: HBO, Inc.)