Victor of Aquitaine Announced as New ‘Crazy’ Vampire in True Blood

May 20, 2013 by  

Season 6 Gets Another Vampire:

Victor of Aquitaine will play a crazy vampire in Season 6 of HBO's True BloodWith Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood only one month away, there are plenty of surprises to be had still! Recently we announced that the title of Episode 9 would be ‘Life Matters’ and that there was a role call for a crazy vampire. Well, SpoilerTV have just announced that this messed up vampire will be played by Victor of Aquitaine.

Victor is probably best known for playing, Harvey Finsecker (as Victor Fischbarg), the younger brother of Doris in MGM’s 1980 cult movie, Fame. Besides an acting career that spans three difference languages (English, Spanish and French), Victor is also a classically trained musician.

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