VIDEO: Alan Ball And The True Blood Cast From The 2009 SCREAM Awards

October 20, 2009 by  

True-Blood-Cast-SCREAM-AwardsET Canada was able to catch up with Alan Ball and the cast of True Blood and talk to them about their wins at the Spike TV’s 2009 SCREAM Awards and the reasons behind their success.  Alan teasingly stated the reason behind their success is to “get as many people as you can naked and rip as many people while they’re naked” as the rest of the cast nodded their heads in agreement.  Then both Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin jokingly mentioned that although other shows may have ripped bodies perhaps the other shows are ripping the wrong people or the wrong people are doing the ripping.  Stephen Moyer was only able to share the facts that in Season 3 there will be werewolves and more flashback scenes.  However, Sam Trammell joked how he is still waiting for his invite to Stephen and Anna’s wedding.  A great clip of how much fun the whole cast had at the awards!