VIDEO: Alan Ball Thanks True Blood Fans

September 12, 2010 by  

Alan Ball: Thank You, True Blood Fans

Alan Ball made a video to thank True Blood fans for watching the show. He not only thanked us for being supportive, but also talked a little about how Season 4 is already in the beginning stages of production. Alan mentioned that we have a LOT to look forward to, including witches, other supernaturals, lots of upheaval in the vampire world, and much more, including a hint about something related to Sookie.

Be on the lookout for a fantastic Season 3 finale and the tidbits Alan revealed are going to help keep the conversation going during the long wait for Season 4! How does Alan always manage to make a great show better with each new season? Kudos to you, Alan!

  • CocoChahell

    PLEEEEEEEEEEASE don’t let that be the last of “Gus”. You can’t let a baby vamp take out a spectacular werewolf on V! 😉

  • lizzie1701

    After seeing what I have seen tonight irt Bill’s character assassination, thanks for nothing AB.

    • Sandy

      Lizzie you knew it was coming. At least it wasnt as bad or worse than expected. I feel for you hun.
      Team TB!!

      • lizzie1701

        Yes, Sandy, knew it was coming, but AB had made Bill look bad all season – did he really have to go with the Rattrays? I will never trusst what AB has to say again.

        The biggest P***K of this episode was Eric. I hated him before but absolutely detest him now and if I could have reached through the screen, I would have scratched his effin eyes out! SMUG p***k of a Vamp with that smirk!

  • Tigereyes

    I can’t seem to get it to play

  • Umm… I don’t see a video here. Link down?

    • Oh no! Thanks for letting me know!

      I’ve re-added the video, so you should see it now 🙂