VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard’s “Beyond The Pole” Out Take

April 5, 2010 by  

The Official Beyond The Pole Facebook page has just uploaded a video out take of Alexander Skarsgard and Lars Arentz Hansen from the movie. This is the first out take video out of five according to  Both Alex and Lars are speaking Norwegian in the video but a fan on the the Beyond the Pole Facebook Fan page was able to translate what they are saying which is presented below:

“Yes, this is day 17. We’re not very far from the North Pole and the weather is quite bad. It’s our anniversary today. Alex says: Yes. Lars says: We’ve been together for 10 years. Alex says: 10 Years. Lars says: We’re celebrating this by trekking to the North Pole. And that’s all.”

Many thanks to Kristine P for the translation and to for the heads up.

SOURCE: Official Beyond the Pole Facebook Page via

  • jaxx

    That accent just melts me. Should be good.

  • pbt

    Thanks Ollie for the out take from Beyond the Pole. This movie looks funny and I can’t wait until its available for all to see. That smile and laugh get me every time. Just too darn cute for his own good. 🙂

    68 days until the Season Three premiere.

  • serenity

    thanks for the info Anumet, much appreciated! I didn’t realize the languages are so closely related. I wonder if Alexander speaks all three.

  • Anumet

    It’s Norwegian. However, the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish languages are very similar. If you know one of them you can understand the others. Speaking Norwegian for a Swede shouldn’t be much harder than a Swede speaking with a southern american accent!

  • serenity

    It says they are speaking norwegian, but i wonder if you don’t mean swedish? I don’t speak either language, so i don’t know for sure, but it seems more likely…that said, if it is norwegian, that would be one more thing my fav multitalented vamp can do xD. I am very curious!