Video: Alexander Skarsgard Chats About Avoiding Media Coverage

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On Fame, Nudity and Ego

Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse on True BloodAlexander Skarsgard may not be happy to read about himself in the news, but he is more than happy to shed his clothes.  In a recent interview the actor, who plays Eric Northman on HBO‘s True Blood, stated that he tries not to indulge in reading blogs and fan sites to protect his own sanity.  He says:

“You read something bad and you get very self-conscious. Then you read something good and your ego will just blow up and explode.”

Of course, when it comes to taking his clothes off on the set of True Blood, Skarsgard is less than humble.  In the article he is quoted as saying “Why do I love being naked? Because I was born that way?”.

Although he has been questioned about it before, when asked about the nudity on True Blood, Skarsgard confirmed again that he is fine with it and that he does not consider himself to be exploited by the show.  He says:

“There’s always a reason for it on the show and it’s always at great moments: fun, crazy scenes.”

On the Lady Gaga Video and His Hopes for True Blood

In the video below Skarsgard chats about the impact of True Blood and the metaphors that the show represents.  He talks again about avoiding the pitfalls of fame by staying away from reading fan blogs, reviews, etc.  He does not want his performance to be affected by what is out there.  He also talks about his work on the Lady Gaga video for her hit song Paparazzi.  Skarsgard reveals that he is friends with the director of the video and he knew when he got involved it would not be a simple walking down the beach holding hands concept.  Finally he talks about the end of True Blood saying he would love it to go on until he looks to old to play the part.  With Eric not aging Skarsgard has to stay looking young. 

We hope True Blood goes on that long too Alex!!

Source: – Alexander Skarsgard: ‘I Don’t Read About Myself’– Viking Vampire – Alexander Skarsgard Interview

(Photo Credit:  HBO Inc.)