VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard in the EW Photo Shoot

December 21, 2009 by  

Alexander-Skarsgard-True-Blood-EW-VideoAt the EW photo shoot for the magazine’s Best & Worst 2009 Edition True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard is interviewed where he discusses the phenomenal success of the show.  In the video True Blood fans are able to watch the various photo shots that Alexander made for the magazine and hear his take on the show and his character, Eric NorthmanAlexander Skarsgard states that the most common question that he is asked by fans is “When are you gonna hook up with Sookie?” Alexander responds by saying:

“It is bound to happen at some point.  There is something definitely between Sookie and Eric.  I’m not sure if it is going to happen now, anytime soon, in season 3, but eventually…you know… it is a big part of the book so I think something will happen at some point.  I will do my best to mess things up between Sookie and Bill.  We’ll see how well I do it.”

A really great video interview with Alexander as he demonstrates how charming and down-to-earth he is.


  • Jennifer

    Pure hottness!

  • jaxx

    Thank you Ollie. Another great article. Alex is so endearing. Once again, Mr. Consistent with the sweet charm, lovable, down to earth playfulness, nonchallant attitude that he has. How can you not love this man? You could feel totally relaxed with this guy. Kick back, drink a beer or glass of wine and talk about anything. That’s what I love about him!! What I also love about him is he GETS the character Eric Northman. He knows the love story is about Eric and Sookie and he has no problem waiting for the right moment to “mess things up with Bill and Sookie” as he put it. I, personally, cannot wait for Season 3 now. All the new characters and storylines. It will be fun and exciting to see Season 3 unfold.

    As always, my best to you Alex. The world is your oyster. You have a lot of great success in store for you. June 14th cannot get here quick enough imo.

  • pbartteacher

    Can Alexander Skarsgard be any more endearing to all of us, his loyal fans. Smart, funny, and down to earth are all traits that describe him.

    Thank you to Ollie for posting this great video and article from Entertainment Weekly. Lately,it has been a shower of articles, photo shoots, video interviews and awards nominations. I absolutely love that True Blood has been at the forefront of the entertainment news in recent weeks.

    Even though we have almost 176 days until Season Three premieres, True Blood continues to interest, mesmerize and hold the attention of its fans. I do hope we get to see some additional photographs from the EW photo shoot. There were some dynamic photos being taken that day. Impossible for EW to use all of them but I am sure Alexander’s loyal fans would love to get a peek at a few more.

    It was absolutely adorable and charming watching Alex play with the dog during the shoot. It obviously had a very calming effect on all who were involved. Everyone seemed so laid back and relaxed. I can not imagine having to wear several different outfits, posing and then try to look relaxed and normal. Alexander is a consummate professional whether it is front of the camera giving an interview or posing for a photo spread.

    I loved his explanation about the fans at Comic Con and how he was completely overwhelmed by his new found fame. Being in Sweden for those few weeks leading up to Season Two premiering, Alex missed all of the hype.He was obviously flattered by all of the attention but also found it quite perplexing.

    I am looking forward to Season Three after listening to his answer about Eric and Sookie relationship. “He will do everything in his power to mess up Bill and Sookie.” I absolutely loved that answer. He is so in tune with the character of Eric and knows that Eric and Sookie are the main focus of the novels.

    Not withstanding, we all know this is True Blood and not the novels, but it was refreshing to see his take on the whole love triangle plot line from the books and obviously from the series too. Alan Ball has already confirmed in his spoilers that Eric and Sookie will be having a relationship though not specifically which season it will occur.

    Keep up your outstanding work, Mr. Skarsgard it has been a treat watching you develop the character of Eric Northman. He continues to grow in importance on the show. I especially enjoy that you know that Eric is so much more than the “bad ass vampire” and that he truly is multi-faceted individual. I hope you continue to explore all of these layers in future seasons of True Blood. My wish is that Alan Ball continues to flesh out your character and challenge you with more difficult emotions and plot lines. After all you are an actor, and you strive towards your own personal best in each performance that you give.

    I wish you continued success in all your endeavors. Let the v-ddiction continue on June 14th, 2010.

  • Monica

    Gosh Alex you made my day!!!!!!!
    it’s quite obvious that Sookie and Eric is going to happen, i mean after reading first chapter of book 10th i’m damm sure it has to happen!!!!!they are the heart of the books for me…..
    Alex is always so cute and nice and very smart….how can he be so hot too???
    Alex/Eric let us have a great Season 3!!!!

  • Amy

    LOVE IT! Alex is charming and so hot! I wish I was the lady touching his arm in the video LOL. So cute how he was playing fetch with the dog. Aww we need some Sookie and Eric ASAP! Hope we get the bedroom scene in S3!