VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Gives His Movie Tips

November 14, 2009 by  

Alexander-Skarsgard-radioRecently after Alexander Skarsgard did a radio interview with P3 Popular Sveriges Radio he was asked to give his opinion on what movies he would recommend to watch.  Although the video is in Swedish the wonderful people at were able to provide the translation.  Thank you so much for the translation and Sanna.

ReporterAlexander Skarsgard

Alex.:  Yes

R:  It is Friday and one wants to stay home tonight and watch a good movie, what would you recommend?

A:  Hmm… I don’t think you should stay at home.  I think you should go to the theatre and watch Apan (The Ape), a Swedish movie I saw this week, so I deeply recommend it.

R:  Why did you like it?

A:  Well it is very discomforting to watch, so it is not a good first date movie, but I was impressed with Olle Sarri and it stayed in my mind for a long time and what he went through, really horrible… ummm… so I think you should drag yourself out to the movies and watch something Swedish, it will be worth it.

R:  Thank you.

A: Thanks

Once again thanks to and sanna for the translation of the video.